How to Increase Your IQ to 160

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Genius bio-hacking! Do you want to boost your learning speed, memory, and creativity? This smart solution can revitalize your brain dramatically.

Increase your IQ to 160? If this appeals to you, then no doubt you could do this yourself even with the help of the following tips and mind tools. First off, in your mind, erase the doubts that this isn't possible.

increase iq to 160
Although it is quite indisputable that a whole lot of hope has saturated the internet on what really counts as effective hacks to supercharge your brain processing speed, this does not outrightly rule out the fact that you can actually increase your IQ score.

If you are already familiar with the Hebbian principle of neuroplasticity, you would have read about the ability of the brain to adapt to environmental experiences and practise some tasks subconsciously to increase your IQ.

Without much digressing too much, the following are some proven tricks that could help you up your IQ score before the ultimate IQ booster would be discussed in the last paragraphs. Hope you are ready for this.

  • Get enough sleep

No question, sleep, howbeit seeming irrelevant, is an effective route to mental refreshing just like a mechanical device. Imagine a machine used for grinding vegetables - the recipe blender. Occasionally, you have to switch it off and on again in order to reduce its mechanical pressure. Too much pressure on it can result in higher temperature, and rarely, reported cases of an explosion.

Now, your brain is similar to that recipe blender. It needs to get some tranquility and rest when the need arises in our physiology. Day to day, we are exposed to environmental hazards such as noise and emotional turmoil. It is a fact, the brain gets rid of toxins escaping through the bloodstream while we sleep.

By sleep, only quality 7-9 hours minimum per night is implied as the optimum recommendation. If you are the type that naps, this also isn't a bad idea. It just shouldn't replace your night sleep. Get to bed early and rise early for breakfast -early to bed, early to rise.

  • Read books

How many times have you heard this and how many words? You would have almost certainly heard it over and over again. Yes, that noise in your here could be productive. This is only a two-word brain wiring trick, 'read' and 'books'. Now, this does not mean that you have to overwhelm your brain with tens, hundreds and tons of books per week. Reading only two quality books per week is way better than reading several junk books and the reason is this, you would have more time dedicated on those two books, perusing them and gaining an adequate understanding of them.

So go find some books very interesting, read history, read inspirational, read philosophy, read wide, get smart - get more logical.

  • Solve mathematical problems

Before you get vexed up by maths to the point of aggressively hitting the back (x) button on your browser, listen to the sad truth in case you hate mathematics, arithmetic formulas and the entire world of figures, be informed that maths can do the magic beyond your expectations on improving your cognitive potential.

Want to increase your brain processing speed? Solve mathematical problems, deal with everyday mathematical problems with an open mind. Go maths-love, let maths get your love, even if you experience trials and errors with it, know that most maths experts today already faced the same challenge.

Still having difficulty with maths, solve with maths friends and professionals. Join if you have not already done so. Quora is a Q & A site that allows you to ask and get answers to almost any question you can imagine. If you follow these tips quite well, you will see the results are quite worth the efforts.

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