How to Increase Your IQ to 150

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Increase IQ to 150

Learn how to increase your IQ score to 150 with the use of simple tips and the ultimate IQ booster.
IQ is described as the score derived from several sets of test to take a look at the human intelligence. Is it genetic and glued in the course of the life? Do we like to give whatever it takes to be smarter?


We couldn’t just rely on a tiny figure that depicts all of the aspects of our intelligence. Thinking about the truth that going to the gymnasium can mission you bodily and permit you to get into higher shape, you can even try to carry out some mind physical activities that can improve your IQ.

Here are multiple suggestions that could help you to boost your intellectual skills, and accordingly advantage your mental fitness.

  • Starve your thoughts
this will look like a counter-intuitive statement, however, stilling your brain for some time is a powerful way to make it sharp inside the long run. researchers have additionally proved that this process without a doubt allows in increasing the number of neurons. As the abstinence from food helps the body to restore itself from all the discomfort, further ravenous the mind presents unexpected blessings to the brain as properly.

  • Write your thoughts
Scribbling is a superb way to de-clutter your thoughts. It can additionally help you to clear up your issues, assume logically, and live focused in life. Writing your perceptions and theories is a fun manner to paintings on your intellectual muscle tissues - the brain.

  • Solve puzzles and mind games
Aggressive games together with sudoku, crossword, scrabble, and so forth., assist you to increase your cognitive abilities, particularly strategic wondering. Chess and laptop recreation puzzles together with solitaire can hold your mind sharp and decorate your reminiscence cells. Brain games work on common regions of intellectual functioning that may boom the working reminiscence, executive functions and processing pace of a person.

  • Keep difficult your mind
In case you are immensely vexed together with your monotonous recurring, then it’s high time to be able to switch to some new activities and mission your thoughts. IQ tests the potential of someone to make the decisions and find solutions to any trouble.

While mastering any new ability, you may navigate through some new data and utilize your mental abilities to the fullest. this may stimulate the precise regions of your mind that have been formerly ignored and, as a result, will assist you in improving your IQ.

  • Don’t depend on machines
Most of us have the dependency on making our tasks simpler with the common use of computers and different machinery. n excessive amount of dependency on PC is one of the reasons for depleting mental balance and IQ within the people.

To enhance your logical talents, it's far advised to train your thoughts without the use of devices. performing mental math is an easy manner to broaden advanced mental abilities.

  • Involve in physical sports
The normal workout can have a profoundly superb impact on your average fitness. It's miles one of the sure-shot approaches to deal with mental illness and different issues together with depression, tension, ADHD etc.

Sports along with biking, strolling, playing an outside game, and so on., can help you to loosen up your brain and also improve your memorizing competencies.

  • Associate thoughts
Despite the fact that, it may be a tough thing to do, especially while you are new to this practice, if you begin some holistic thinking, then you will see a slight improvement to your intelligence.

Learn about a new topic, and then attempt to relate it with some of your preceding understanding. You could be able to form mind maps, and it'll be fascinating to peer how different portions of statistics fit into each other.

  • Use a musical instrument
Practice new musical instrument(s). How many times have you heard or read about this? Now listen, this isn't any hype. It is already the fact.

This could vastly improve your cognitive and motor skills. Many research has proven that children who took up to music track at an early age have better stages of IQ than those who didn’t.

Hopefully, by inculcating above mentioned tips, you may certainly be able to improve your IQ level even more than a score of 150.

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