Lowest IQ Possible?

What is the lowest IQ possible? Whether you take it or you leave it, the lowest IQ ever possible is 1 for the living and 0 for the dead. IQ operates on the ratio scale of measurement which always have a true.

Lowest IQ possible
Lowest IQs Possible
But also an IQ score of 1 is almost impossible unless its bearer is brain dead. So an IQ of zero (0) is non-existent unless its bearer is already dead.

It is psychologically ridiculous and unfit for someone to have an IQ score that is lower than 20. Why? This would keep the person/patient in the intellectual subnormality class of IQ, typicallt ranging from 1 to 70, depending on its severity, where lower score means more mental retardation.

Describing the lowest IQ possible is another way of explaining mental retardation.This is not a good situation and the patient would face many challenges, even with his/her day to day activities. These include but not limited to:

☆ Difficulty in feeding him/herself
☆ Inability to self-dress
☆ Self-dressing inappropriately
☆ Peeing anywhere
☆ Pooing anywhere
☆ Being stigmatized as an idiot
☆ Being stigmatized as an imbecile
☆ Being stigmatized as a moron
☆ Agressiveness

Does any of these abnomalities appeal to you? Definitely, NO. See how smart you are by taking this quick IQ test now. It's a dynamic brain game that gives you instant results.
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