Highest IQ Possible

Ever thought of the highest IQ possible? Would it be something like the estimated IQ 300 of William James Sidis? So what's the whole hype of IQ 10,000? Lol.

Highest IQ possible
William James Sidis
What would humans look like if they have an abnormally high IQ as this? Still human? Super-humans? Maybe it would even take 10 millenials to reach. Who knows? Maybe the Flynn effect would revolve with an infinite continuum.

These are all thought provoking questions you might want to ask about the highest IQ possible. Since IQ itself is just a metric, relying on it as an evidence of the real intelligence is questionable, unless we want to sideline intelligence, the principal term which is more than just IQ.

So now what?
No one really knows for sure who has the highest possible IQ. Do you? But it is common for the media to sell us stories about some highest IQ folks acing the Mensa IQ test into the 130 - 160 IQ range. Isn't it?

While 160 might appear to be a genius IQ, people have been recorded to score even higher IQ score as 195 -Christopher Langhan, 210 est.- Leonardo Da vinci. That's crazy. What about William James Sidis with an estimated IQ of 300.

Interestingly, many of these so called highest IQers were also psychologically abnormal. For example, while it wasn't scientifically documented, what Vincent Van Gogh IQ was, he was known to be an extraordinary painter in his time, but also lived with manic-depressive disorder.

Should we risk abnormality for creativity? Not quite necessary. There are people already leading a successful life, even with an everage IQ. After all, what matters is one's overall happiness, what one can offer to make life better, and life surely rewards - the 'law of attraction', they call it.
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