Flynn Effect Theory

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Flynn effect refers to the changes in human intelligence over time. From time to time, people increase in IQ scores and the effect is probably due to different factors most of which are consequent upon social changes.

Flynn effect psychology
Increase in IQ over time
James R. Flynn did so much documentation about the theory which was named after him because he promoted the idea especially in 1980s. Some of the questions triggered by Flynn effect are: How much increase in IQ has occured over time? Are new generations smarter than older generations?

Increase in IQ? Why and how?
It is explainable and of course, reasonable to admit speculations that positive social changes make people inevitably increase their IQ scores. These changes are expressed in technological advancement (gadgets such as smart phone and computer), nutrition, education, brain boosters, and people's need to make life work.

Some other studies have refuted the Flynn effect. Many of these studies were conducted in America and Europe. However, critics only have spurious and insufficient data to back up their claims against the flynn effect.

Flynn or no flynn, now what?
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