Geniuses Are Made, Not Born

How many times have you heard this phrase being rehashed, "geniuses are made, not born"? Perhaps you already thinking genetics vs environment.

Genii are made, not born
Geniuses are made, not born
Smartness has varying degree of definitions: vast intellectual knowledge equipped with intelligent behavior; ability to deal with social problems or being socially apt. Many people consider it to be for instance when Mr A knows a wide range of subjects and can act on them making them practical on daily basis.

If smartness really means that one has the ability to think and act fast on daily basis, then the concept is by every means natural and experiential that is, a function of nature and also the interaction with environmental factors for instance visual stimuli and nutrition. If smartness exist then there must be some social figures who are extremely smart.

These people are the so-called geniuses whose names have long been mentioned throughout history. These geniuses have extreme intellectual capabilities. 

Most of them are gifted while some acquired their genius by simply coming to term with the appropriate environmental and social tasks that energized and engineered their true potential. This is the fundamental basis of explaining the fact that geniuses are made, not born. Anyone can become a genius since the Hebbian principle of neuroplasticity holds true.
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