Culture Fair Intelligence Test Defined

Culture fair IQ test can be defined as any intelligence test that is devoid of cultural bias, favoritism, and discrimination. CFIT are rare because many IQ tests are standardized with regard to social context from which they are developed, with less regard to all cultures, countries or minute contexts taken into account at a time.
Cultural fair IQ test
CFIT exist with IQ test

Since IQ tests tend to be biased in favour of American and European contexts, people usually find it easy to conclude rashly that Americans and Europeans are more intelligent and non-white cultures are viewed as less important since they have less intelligence as depicted in the traditional IQ spectrum (normal distribution curve or bell shape curve).

Why IQ Tests Are Biased Metrics
Logic, mathematics, language are the fore-front variables that renders many IQ tests bias. How? When IQ tests questions are contructed, they are usually done so as to suit the characteristics or cultural practises (e.g feeding, dressing, language, occupation and other behaviours) of that particular context in which the test creators initiated the development or valdation of such test.

Culture Fair IQ test is Dead?
Having expounded, many IQ tests are simply unreliable because they are culturally biased but one question that may bother one's mind is: if many IQ tests are culturally biased already, are IQ tests' cultural fairness dead generally?

Why this seems a simple question, there is no rigid Yes or No answer for it. Why? Though test developers are now trying their best to ensure cultural fairness in IQ test, one IQ test can guarantee 100% cultural fairness unless its developer(s) are telling lies. However, a typical example of IQ test that has proven high degree of cultural fairness is Raven's Progressive Matrices which is devoid of many bias variables like verbal and quanititative reasoning.

Instead, the test itself is a function of varied types intelligence obtainable from pictures with series of progressive tasks to solve, having been familiar with previous questions answered, and thus hint the test taker(s) how to solve the next series.

Totally culture fair? No, because no IQ test can ever be. It's just plain dumb to believe that a single type of test can unify the world in terms of intelligence, knowing quite alright that the world is made of behavioural differences at inorganic, organic, inanimate and humanistic levels.
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