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Children IQ test are nothing more than IQ test for kids. There are so many reasons children IQ might need to be tested. Not all children are the same in terms of intelligence and many of them are too playful and have low ability to think about serious issues in life.

Kids IQ test
IQ test for kids
It's just normal for children to act silly at certain age but overdoing this might be consequent upon an anomally. For example, restlessness, short attention span, sluggishness and irritatable behaviours are red flags apparent in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and mild Schizophrenia which might require that a child have his/her IQ tested.

Who can test children's IQ?
Usually, a professional like a certified psychologists trained in psychological testing to test a child's IQ. Also, it is not uncommon for educationists to test IQ of children, usually for placement in a school or a college.

The task of the evaluator is to simply decern with accurate judgement and experience, the appropriate test to administer, by collecting basic demographic informations like sex and age of anyone child in question.

Where necessary, it is also important for the psychologist to minimize cultural bias or racial factor by administering the best possible test that can ensure this. Some tests do not fit some population because of differential in thinking, cognitive developement and the culture of that context itself.

Different types of IQ test for children
There are different IQ tests that children could take but the most reliable ones are standard,   valid and reliable paper/pencil/picture IQ tests like Wechsler, Raven's Progressive Matrices, and Mensa IQ test.

Free IQ tests are also available online but you can expect to only have some fun with them and not so reliable as the former. This is why it is important for an evaluator to monitor and control the process of IQ-testing children.

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