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Brain Awareness Week 2020

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Brain Awareness Week (BAW) is a global campaign conducted every year to foster public enthusiasm and education for Brain Sciences. It was founded in 1996 by Dana Foundation and has been continuously supported by numerous neuroscience organizations like IBRO, SfN, FENS and others for the last 25 years.

brain-awareness-weekEvery year proposals are submitted from universities, research centres and organizations that work in the field of Brain Sciences to host BAW in their region. From India, the Brain Awareness Week of this year is going to be hosted by Gujarat Forensic Science University along with IIT Gandhinagar, after a successful selection of the proposal.
The event is being hosted from 22th to 28th May 2020, offering webinars by eminent Neuroscientists, Psychologists, and Doctors around the country. The 7 Day webinar series offers an opportunity to know the science behind everyday normal/abnormal behaviour and function of the brain. Questions like, Why can’t we tickle ourselves? What is ADHD and its implications on education? How do we understand language? How do we move? and many questions will get addressed scientifically by the speakers. Along with webinars, various competitions are being hosted for the participants like Video Making, Drawing & Comic making, Quizzes, Case Studies and much more. Participants will learn and think about the brain in creative and entertaining ways and can win cash prizes during the course of the event.
Registrations for attending the webinar and all the activities is FREE and open to everyone.
The intention behind organizing this event is awareness and understanding of the Neuroscience behind activities of everyday life to enable individuals in building a healthy and informed society.
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