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5 Benefits of Using AI in Cybersecurity

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If your current website offers basic cyber-security features, but neglects to integrate AI into those measures, your site and customers are at risk for a cyber-attacks. The average online business who experiences an online cyber-security attack finds it difficult to bounce back from the attack and regain customer confidence. Here are 5 benefits of using Cyber AI.

Cyber Security

 • Intelligent Threat Detection

AI is not just a notion, but a way to make communication and web enabled software smarter. Standard cyber-security entities only work from how they were originally designed without deviating from the original program. 

That might sound like a good thing, but in the world of cyber-security, it is a true negative. Online thieves are always adapting to new situations and creating new software to interfere with online systems. AI adapts to changes brought on by new threats making it a sure asset to any online system.

 • Unsupervised Security

AI has come a long way. Today’s AI integrated cyber-security systems are adapted to monitored devices as well as those that may not be available for monitoring. That means that your online web security enabled with AI, can work on its own without the need for continuous monitoring. This is a big step up from older systems, sans AI, that require manual updates and integration.

• Possible Elimination of Human Error

Human error is something that is not generally accounted for in online sites, but happens more often than not. Simple errors in programs caused by humans account for a substantial amount of costs to both large and small online businesses. 

AI takes things to the ultimate level and theoretically can eliminate possible human error leading to a smaller margin of error and increased profitability for the company.

• Cost Effective

Costs are important for any business, whether online or a physical location. Cyber-security with AI integration can potentially cut costs for businesses of all sizes.

Instead of pouring funds into average security measures that will not adapt to growing security issues, AI integrated Cyber-security systems may virtually eliminate added security costs. Imagine, putting an end to the high expense of rebuilding systems following a successful Cyber-attack. 

• Maintain Company Reputation

Shopping online has become a normal thing for most people. Roughly 80% of all people worldwide claim they shop online at least once per year. The percentage is growing each year as well. However, certain big name retailers that have been the subject of Cyber-attacks have yet to gain back total confidence from all customers. 

A Cyber-attack is today, one of the worst things that can occur for an online business. Integrating AI into your Cyber-security will enable your system to maintain a high reputation and guard against even the most sophisticated attacks from cyber criminals.

The truth is, you can get by without some Cybersecurity measures, but just like having car insurance, it is much more beneficial to invest in prevention of a Cyber-attack rather than dealing with it after the fact. Cyber-security enabled with AI is the smart way to secure your online business and something no business, who wants to stay in good standing with customers, should ever be without.


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