Benefits of Using Free IQ Tests

Online IQ tests aren’t all bull shit because there are benefits to using them but before you say NO to that, it is necessary to remind you that online IQ tests are always free but they are also less reliable and less valid since they never passed through validation, neither do they have sufficient criteria to accept them as being valid and reliable. However, online IQ tests still have some benefits that make them worth your time.
benefits of online free IQ test
Benefits of using a free IQ test

7 Benefits of using free IQ tests

1. Test Prep
Testing your IQ for free can serve as your GOTO whenever you need to practise for more professional IQ tests like Mensa test, Raven’s test etc.

Preparation for the ideal and actual IQ test is a very good reason to take online IQ tests, this would not only help you prepare but can also help you concentrate or focus as you would in a professional test, given that the online test has a reasonable degree of abstract thinking, rational, geometric, verbal and quantitative items involved, with a huge database of items that makes every test session different at every reload of the test page to bring a concise number of items from the database, so as not to get you. You could use this free IQ test to understand this.

2. Fun brain game
What could be more motivating and interesting than games? Online IQ tests are synonymous to fun brain games because what makes them fun is the fact that they are dopamine-releasing stimuli that make you experience even more positive emotions especially when you ace the test (that positive feeling when you score 147, voila!). Why are online IQ tests like brain games? Like a game, they are characteristic of goal, motivation, and emotion.

3. No cost
If you have ever paid to test your IQ online, this is the time to delete that page of your browser bookmark list, delete the app if you have it installed on your smartphone. Free tests of IQ are meant to be free. Listen, this is the reason they are called free, so next time you want to take an IQ test that is tagged free, remember the word ‘free’ and save your $$$.

4. Easy Access
Unlike a professional IQ test, where you would have to look for a certified professional (usually a psychologist), online intelligence assessment would not cost you your time. Save your time and go test your IQ online and have some fun now. You can start testing your IQ on this blog or Go to Google and search for ‘free IQ test’ and you would see tons of them displayed in search results.

5. Fast assessment
Want to get your IQ tested with instant results too. An instant result being displayed is the holy grail of online IQ tests. This is called quick assessment, done under few minutes. Here at Neuroscientia, our test shouldn’t take you more than 10 – 15 minutes.

Pro IQ tests are usually designed in such a way as to waste your time, though they are more valid and reliable. But time is money, so next time you want to decide whether you should take a free test or pro test, never waste your time thinking about it.

 The time you might want to waste thinking about the decision would already have the 10 minutes test completed. And Guess what? You would have nothing to lose and probably have so much to gain.

6. Self-administered
Nothing is more autonomous than being in control. You simply take advantage of this, with due honesty on your part, you decide the duration of the test, time of the day you want to take it and some other variables that could affect the test outcome.

 A professional IQ test gives no such autonomy as they are standard and more rigid. Again someone else usually would administer it – a psychologist. Isn’t it?

7. Less boredom
Free online tests are not some 250 item tests that were designed to waste your precious 45 minutes or 1 hrs. 30 min at worst. Want to feel less bored on IQ tests, online IQ tests are what you should begin with, and the time is now. Start here!

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