Things that Lower Your IQ Dramatically

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Ever noticed a decline in your IQ? Do you consistently score below 100 on IQ test? Below are things that may lower your IQ all the time.

Things that lower IQ
Things that lower your IQ
☆ Sleep Deprivation/Insomnia
How often do you sleep? How many hours per night? When sleep deorivation is associated with insomnia, it is a severe psychological condition. Insomnia is medically defined as chronic inability to sleep.

Why is sleep needed to boost IQ score? When you do not get enough sleep, you don't memories formed in the short term memory to consilidate into the long term memory where it lasts long enough. Want to boost IQ score?

Start getting enough sleep (Wang X.Y et al. 2013). This might be hard unless you train your mind to switch off all gadgets like phone, computer, radio, TV, and associate bed time with sleep. The problem is, many of us are too busy with our lives, that we overthink stuffs into the midnight, unconsciously. Research would continue to show that sleeplessness negatively correlates IQ.

☆ Eating junk foods
Junks are fast, run-off-the-mill sorts of food you put into your mouth. Yes, they are easy to access from hawkers or you DIY it. But research says it causes a lot of havoc to the brain IQ. Artificial sweetners can elevate blood sugar level and hypertension. Doesn't make sense, right. Dump junks!

Now, you want to start eating food that would boost your brain power, reduce blood sugar level and live a life that is IQ-worthy. Start eating natural sea food rich in omega 3, fructose rich food, sucrose rich food, glucose rich food, and honey. Results? You would be surprised how significantly your IQ score would bump up.

☆ Associating with dumbies-zombies
No offense here, some people are plain dumbees than Tabula rasa that worst still, would repel information. 'Likes attracts likes' they say is the Law of Attraction. Associate with less intelligent people, chances are that you would be less intelligent; but associate the Einstein-like people, then you might glean a lot of inspiration, doubt almost everything and never accept anything at face value.

Theare are actually many Einsteins among us but we do not know this consciously. So what? Dump the dumbass, you don't want to decline your IQ further.

☆ Reading Less
Although this idea was taken at face value but before you question it, remember the saying by Chinua Achebe:

If you want to hide a thing from a black person, put it inside a book

No sentiment here and not to the ridicule of the Blacks. But truth be told. Apparently, many hidden things, laws, theories, facts are written in books. Want to be book smart? Now, you don't have to read all the books in the world. If you are a beginner, start with at least reading two books per week and this would do the magic. Get out of the crowd. Expand your knowledge, ignite your creativity and think outside the box through reading and writing to boost your IQ significantly.

☆ Stress
Stress could be a mental, physical or emotional strain. You might not realize how stress can impact IQ score big time. Why? Stress is most often a passive influencer of IQ score because it might have accumulates in the body system, long ago. Being actively exposed to stress could instantly mar your score as well. So before taking the next IQ test, check your stress level and avoid stressors.

Wrapping up
It is crystal-clear that factors causing IQ drop have been elicidated but a drop in IQ doesn't make sense because you want to ace Wechsler, Mensa or Raven's test. Now go take coffee. Rethink those IQ flaws you've been commiting, and dump them.

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Wang, X. Y. (Effects of sleep deprivation on the intelligence structure of school-age children in Changsha, China). Retrieved from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24131840
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