9 Ways Writing Is Helpful in Stimulating the Brain towards Creativity

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One of the most creative outputs for the human beings – comes in the form of writing. It accelerates one’s thinking in numerous interesting ways.
Let’s see the various ways in which writing helps strengthen creativity.
Creative writing
How writing stimulates the brain

1. Makes you think deeply – An Optimized Brain
When you brainstorm about an idea – while beginning to write, your mind automatically tries to gather all the relevant information inside in your head. This process helps you to recollect all the deeper thoughts that might be unconsciously stored in your brain.

2. Helps in organizing
The idea and its sequencing are important. When we ponder on a topic and then try to arrange it – via our writing – this helps us to actually organize a proper scheme for it.

3. Aids in correcting
When one writes down ideas, he/she re-evaluates them too. This is essential for correcting one’s perceptions and re-thinking about them. Hence, reading one’s thoughts from a piece of paper – like a neutral audience – helps in critical evaluation of one’s thoughts.

4. Brings a new perceptive
Jotting down things help us in pondering thoroughly about them. Many times, during this process, one might develop a totally new insight on that idea. Sometimes, this might be such a perspective – which nobody else would have thought of.

5. Creative output brings satisfaction
A satisfied, free of worries, kind of a person can definitely submerge his/her positivity in inventing creative things – and writing. Thus, creativity, writing and satisfaction are directly proportional.

The more a person writes, the more satisfied he/she feels. Then, the more satisfied he/she feels, the more he/she would be creative. While anyone can write an essay, but there is no way the kind of creativity boost the brain gets can be brought about by when I do my essay.

6. Keeps you in practice
When you write consistently, you consistently keep your brain in the creative mode. This is similar to exercising – the more you exercise, the more fit you stay for rigorous physical activities. Similarly, if a person regularly keeps on doing writing in his/her life – he/she stays ready for any creative output , needed at any time.

7. Recognizes good ideas
While one writes, he/she saves his/her creativity in a concrete shape. This helps the human realize his/her actual creative potential. This activity also helps the person in saving good ideas – for situations when he/she might face a writer’s block.

8. Boosts confidence
Many a times, people might certainly have good ideas – but, they feel shy when it comes to jotting them down on a piece of paper.

Experts suggest that the best way to overcome this shyness – is to keep on writing. ‘Free writing’ is another technique, where the person simply writes his/her ideas on a piece of paper – without consideration of grammar or punctuation.

Regular usage of writing would help the person to develop confidence in his/her abilities – as they say ‘practices makes perfect’.

9. Considers other perspectives
Often, while writing, you may want to consider the opposite perspectives on your stance. For this purpose, experts agree that you should definitely read on the topic – before beginning to write.

Along with enhancing creative output, this activity - of reading - would help you to critically analyze various ideas and opinions. Thus, a concrete and logical conclusion can be deduced.

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Flinch MacDonald, author of this article, is a creative writer and works as an editor at a newly budding enterprise.
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