Obsessed Over IQ Test? Think Again

If there is any debilitating psychological issue about intelligence, it is the fact that some people worry so much and often get obsessed over their own IQ score. IQ test? Maybe it's time to dump it.

IQ test malady
Brain obsessed over IQ score
Why you should dump IQ test now and start living a psychologically healthy life depends on the extent to which overthinking IQ has caused some havoc. Do you constantly check your smart phone to figure out some brain puzzles on websites? Do you get angry over unsatisfactory score like 71 to 99? Worry no more.

If your IQ is significantly low, you probably might not be worried about increasing your IQ because the gap would be relatively wide to bridge and chances are that you won't be IQ-obsessed.

Think about a society where they rely on IQ score as a valid proof of intelligence and thereby use this as a rigid criterion for placement of people in work environment, academic environment, clubs and recreational groups etc. Implication? Many people would want to supercharge their IQ score with every tips and tricks available for acing IQ tests since there would be much competition.

Reasons people are IQ-obsessed
People tends to absess over IQ test if one or more of the following factors are present:

1. Erroneous beliefs
If someone tells you that IQ is the most important human asset one could ever achieve in order to accomplish tangible goals, would you agree? You probably won't, because you aren't dumb. Right? Unfortunately, IQ-obsessed folks often get allured by false notion of intelligence and confused intelligence with IQ figure, believing that this figure is sufficient enough to help them make sense totally.

2. IQ societal membership
It is no news that membership in some organisations deemed prestigous, often regard IQ score with so much hype that it becomes difficult to become member of such organsations. A typical example is Mensa IQ organisation which requires its members to score minimum of 130 to qualify for membership. Also in American and European countries, IQ tests have become widespread and geniuses (140+ IQers) are being glorified on the media.

3. Racism as predisposing factor
Mr. A: you know I'm intelligent than you, don't you?

Mr. B: why did you said so and what proof do you have concerning that?

Mr. A: I'm American, you are African. Isn't that pretty obvous?

Mr. B: that's actually unfair of you but I'm not as intellectually handicapped as you think.

(Now, Mr. A brings out IQ graph and also Google-search and article about average IQ by countries to support his claim).

Mr. B: you mean this? Biased research. Hmmm.

Here, racism is a form of discrimination that makes people adopt the ideology of "weness" and "theyness" often triggered by reactions of IQ-obsessed and IQ-glorified folks. Americans tend to intellectually prey ridicule on people they see as IQ-inferior. Europeans are a bit lenient. You don't what to be their next prey. Do you?

4. Narcissistic personality
Personality disorder with taints of exaggerated self-worth and delusion of grandiose might predispose a narccisist to see others as intellectually reduced. Stay with an IQ obsessed narcissist for a minute and you would soon be reduced to nothing but dumb.

5. Sexism
Like racism, sexism is a form of discrimination that is pervasive. Relating to IQ obesession, it comes into play when males tend to perceive themselves as intellectually superior than females and vice versa. Thanks to civilization, science and technology which have changed society
Despite this change, work roles shared among males and females remain dynamic, owing to the ground that females are 'weaker vessels', at least literally. Findings keep suggesting IQ differences between males and females - like sexist controversial science often published on their ridiculous papers.

Book smart and intellectual prowess
There is a point if departure between book smart and actual intelligence/intellectual prowess. What is book smart? Book smart is the ability to gain mastery and sometimes practicalize whatever one has learnt from book relating especially to one's domain of expertise either science, art, or social with appropriate command of literacy. Whereas, intellectual prowess is more or less synonymous to intelligence but not necessarily book smart and does not necessarily require literacy.

Consider a farmer who goes to the field, knows his job, cultivates massively, sows massively, reaps massively and commercializes massively is no doubt an intelligent farmer.

The point of alignment between book smart and intelligence is literacy. Literacy might speak to some extent, how intelligent a person is, verbally, quantitatively and logically since he/she can learn to read and write, which of course is learning potential.

However, a book smart person is not necessarily a practically intelligent or street smart person. This is the major fundamental flaw inherent in traditional IQ tests. So, it doesn't really make sense to rely to such an extent on an IQ test that proves nothing practical about your real intelligence and creativity.

IQ-obsessed, now what? Dump IQ
Below are a list of quick factual reasons you want to dump IQ tests now:

- IQ score is a glorified but also hyper-hyped figure

- IQ score is not much of an accomplishment

- IQ score can't buy you Ferrari

- IQ score won't feed you

- IQ score won't buy you a house in Los Angelese

- IQ score won't own you a piece of land

- IQ score won't make you find peace all the time

- IQ is too narrow to define intelligence

- IQ score breeds racism

- IQ score breeds sexism

- IQ isn't any reliable than emotional intelligence

- IQ score isn't all that matters about intelligence

- Creativity make sense than IQ

Wrapping up
Want to stop over-thinking IQ? Set a 30-day(s) challenge, recording in a diary from day one, your abstinence from IQ tests and brain puzzles. Whenever you finish this session of mind training, start another session with actively pursuing you goals, devoid of IQ. Forget IQ, since it won't buy you Ferrari, anyway.

Before you hit the back button on your browser, you want to have some fun by taking our free IQ test now. Isn't it? 😃😎😃

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