7 Simple IQ Test Tips and Tricks

Want to ace an IQ test? These simple tips and tricks could help you boost your IQ score, on your next IQ test.

IQ test tips
There are different ways of acing an IQ test and these are not different from how to(s) of an aptitude test. The tricks are general because both kinds of test have similar attributes and factors (mostly environmental) affecting them.

However, they can be controlled or manipulated. Below are the tips and tricks for passing an IQ test or boost IQ score even above average (100).

1. Positive mindset
Having a mental readiness can either make or ridicule your score on an IQ test. Why? It relates to either positive or negative but nothing is as hazardious to intelligence tests than the mental preparation of "I might not do well". In fact, nothing is as powerful and destructive as a negative self-fulfiling prophesy as this. Want to ace an IQ test? Make "I can and I will" your mantra.

2. Erase fear
Fear is one synonymous word to lack of confidence and you already know this. Of course, fear is also a friend of negative mindset. The moment the fear of success or failure sets in, you probably have already failed from the unconscious and this might soon manifest into your conscious mind and expressed as reality.

Don't want failure of IQ test to become your reality? Start believing and actively working towards conquering failure of IQ tests but also in all situations of life.

3. Prepare ahead
Preparation is planning; have thoughts running on your mind about what the likely test questions could be. Gather previous questions, test yourself and score yourself on it without bias. If done with at least 85% accuracy, undoubtedly you would reach your full learning potential and of course, your speed on the actual test.

4. Have a break
Before the actual test date, it is a good idea to have a break and stop learning new things or materials; ideally, this could be one or two days break to the actual test. Why? You want to give enough time for materials learned to fully consolidate into long term memory.

5. Eat lite food
Don't eat heavy or solid food before taking the test on the test date. Why? You don't want to have stomach upset or develop constipation during the test. Does it make sense to want to poop during the test? Definitely, "No" is your answer because you hate social embarrassment.

6. Be punctual
Ensure you are not late to the test venue, either at a scheduled venue or your home. Why? You want your mind to get enough focus and psychological readiness for the test as well as preventing nervousness.

7. Attentiveness and speed
Read every instructions to your full understanding and be sure to not confuse the questions. Avoid rushing but be smart. How? Have a wrist watch on, to monitor time.

If you don't understand a question or don't know it right that instance, be sure to not waste time on it. Rather, move to the next question and come back to all unanswered questions after answering those ones you are confident about their answers.
In most cases, this is the time our human brain can readily access them by paying attention to them only, and actively search their answers.

Still find it difficult to answer a question because of unknown reasons despite studying your ass off? It is time to take a deep breathe and concentrate on relaxation to release tension (for at least three minutes). Get back to the test and score 120+ on your IQ test. Voila.

Hope that helps...

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