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Does IQ Test Measure Creativity?

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So do IQ tests really measure creativity? Creativity is an independent trait from intelligence. Creativity is the capacity for generating new ideas. Intelligence is the capacity for applying/getting knowledge/skill. If IQ tests probably don't measure creativity, what do intelligence tests measure?

IQ measure creativity
Is IQ equal to creativity?
There is hardly any study showing a correlation in humans between the traits to come up with ideas and being able to apply skills. If anyone does know of such a study I’d be glad to read it.

So from what I have read there is no apparent correlation with creativity and intelligence. As such, IQ tests would not be a good measure of finding someones creativity.

Though it is difficult to totally discard that IQ tests could measure creativity. Maybe not in all tests and maybe not to a great extent, but: Yes, I would say that IQ tests also tests creativity, for example, the creativity in finding solutions to a problem. This is why I love the Raven's progressive matrices test.

If your intention was to find out if IQ tests measure specific creativity as a musician, designer, painter, engineer etc: Probably not so much. I feel IQ tests are looking at the theoretical potential of your mental tools, they do not focus on how skillfully you might use them.

According to an article on Psychology Today, IQ does relate to creativity:

IQ tests have received a very large number of criticisms since their inception. One of the main arguments made against the use of IQ tests is that they don't measure creativity. But is this true? Surely creativity involves thoughtful reasoning, divergent production, pattern detection, learning, and other skills tapped into by IQ tests.

Indeed, recent research shows that on-the-spot novel problem solving (fluid intelligence) and task switching is related to the ability to come up with unusual uses for an object. So perhaps throwing away IQ tests entirely would be throwing the baby away with the bathwater. Properly administered and interpreted, IQ test scores may shed some light on a person's creative potential.

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