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Types of Intelligence Tests Updated!

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Types of intelligence test that can be administered by a qualified professional e.g. a psychologist, psychometrist and sometimes counselor, are so numerous.

Types of intelligence  test
The choice of the type of IQ test usually depends on several factors like the mental health of the test taker/participant, the geographical location of the participant, age etc. Some examples of IQ tests are Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Adult, Raven's Progressive Matrices, among many others.

Who Can Administer an IQ Test?

A certified professional, unless otherwise stated as 'for academic purposes'. Usually, a psychologist who holds a qualification and specializes in a field that includes in its training, psychological testing, and preferably, has been licensed to handle psychological tests can always do such legitimately, be it in private practice, community development or social works.

What Do Scores on IQ Tests Mean?

IQ scores should be considered as relative and not absolute scores. Why? Intelligence Quotients may fluctuate from one time to another, from one situation to another, environmental influences such as hunger, noise etc. may negatively influence or inflate IQ scores obtained at that period the participants were tested. Also, IQ tests should not be biased on the part of its Administrators. Why? The results would tell lie and therefore become invalid.

Ethically, a Psychologist or any of such qualified professional should make sure to observe research and test etiquettes, as the case may be. Such ethics remains, informed consent of the participant, confidentiality of participants personal information, test records, and test results, security of participants, right to the participants of their willingness to withdraw.

Two General Categories of Intelligence Tests

1. Culture-Fair (Fluid Intelligence) Tests

Shortened to GF, this category of tests categorizes an individual on the basis of his/her ability to solve logical problems independently according to practice, visuo-spatial training, and familiarity.

2. Full-Scale IQ Tests

This is the combination of Fluid intelligence and Crystalized Intelligence in the sense that it relates to short-visuospatial ability, general knowledge (Fluid Intelligence) ; while at the same time, takes into account, long-term memory-related cognitive functions like logical-mathematical forms like physics, and Maths.Specifically, too, we shall discuss different types of IQ tests.

Types of Intelligence Tests

Reiterated, there are a lot of IQ tests, here is a list of the popular and relevant ones. This list shall continue to be updated.

1. Mensa Supervised Test
2. Raven's Progressive Matrices Test
3. Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test
4. General Intelligence Quotient Tests
5. Online IQ Tests
6. Cattell Culture-Fair Intelligence Tests
7. Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children
8. Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale
9. Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales
10. Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence
11. Otis-Lennon School Ability Test
12. Differential Ability Scales
13. Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Cognitive Abilities
14. Universal Nonverbal Intelligence
15.Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children, Second Edition
16. Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scale
17. Left brain/right brain test
18. Cognitive Ability Test
19. Cognitive Assessment System
20. Developing Cognitive Ability Test
21. Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment
22. Montana Smarter Balanced
23. Nevada Smarter Balanced
24. Test of Cognitive Skills
25. Universal Non-Verbal Intelligence Test
26. Vermont Smarter Balanced
27. Virginia Standards of Learning
28. Washington Smarter Balanced
29. West Virginia Smarter Balanced
30. Connecticut Mastery Test.

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