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5 Things You Can Do This Summer

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So the summers are here. The scorching heat, the exhaustion and the free time.

While you might have long set aside plans of just turning up the AC and sleeping away these months of extreme heat the moment the first beads of sweat appeared on your forehead, maybe this time you can spend the summers a bit differently. At least, give it a go. And I can assure you, it will be worth the fun.

So here are some awesome ideas by Etutorworld.

Plan a trip to the places around

As a parent, you know for sure that your kids will love it while you’ll just be happy them hop around. Many places would fall into anyone’s budget.

While if you are a teenager, this summer, go out for that road trip with your friends down to the beach that all wanted to explore. Or travel to the music festival and sing along with your favourite artists.

A report found that 71% of consumers plan to take a vacation this summer (from May through September), compared to just 58 percent in 2018 - Join the trend, this summer, go for that long-awaited vacation.

Go for a swim

There is nothing better than hitting the pool in the scorching sun of May.

From engaging in water sports to just floating around on a pool mat with a drink in your hand, there is no better way to let your hair down in these summer months. Be it water polo or just good old swimming, it will keep your child entertained this summer season. Ofcourse, keep them prepared with the costume and everything else that the pools demand.

In fact, you could also invite a group of friends over for some extra fun. Don’t forget the sunscreen though!

Leverage the awaited summer sales

Shop till you drop! Summers are the times when most brands and malls have their Summer Sales -be it the Mango festivals to the discounts at Zara.  Go out for a bout of shopping with your kids to make the best of the deals on offer. Try out the best brands, make budget buys and find a good value for money along with a smile for your face.

The shops will be endless, the choices limitless and the fun, boundless and at the end of it that precious glow on your child’s face is yours to keep.

Retail Therapy can solve more or less all problems in life. This is still just dodging the heat.

Stargazing with your kids

Go out one night to the nearest field or meadow with your family. Just lie down on the lush green grass as the cool evening wind blows across your face. Look up and you will see a million stars dotting the dark sky and shining in all its glory. Spend some precious quality time with your kids and talk to them about nature and its extraordinary power.

Ask them to count the stars (just for fun!), compete with them. Trace the constellations as you lie down on the lap of Mother Nature and forget about all the homework stress for a while.

Enroll for Summer Courses

Motivate your child to learn a language or brush up your skills on specified subjects or learn a new skill. Don’t let them waste even a day. Teach them the importance of time and the benefits of Best Summer Courses, Classes & Summer Programs– they are immense. Also, it wouldn’t be a very bad idea if you also find some relevant courses for yourself according to your interest are and enrol yourself. After all, why sit back at home when your child is gearing up to learn a new skill?

From Bryan Adams to the regular Joe, be it ’69 to ’19, summers are always memorable.  And these are some of the best ways to make sure that your Summer of 2019 is memorable for you and your kids.

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