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Modafinil: Focusing with a Genius Formula

What Exactly is Modafinil?

Becoming a buzzword? What the hell! So you are looking to take Modafinil or just probably need to clear your doubts and come up with a solid conclusion on this bio-hacking agent. Isn't it?


No worries, it's always the right thing to do whenever you need to be 100% sure of something, even essentially as this relates to your overall daily cognitive health principle. Make it or mar it.

If you have never heard about focus-enhancing chemical formulas, I guess you've been living in Pluto or Mars for quite some time now. Lol! Just kidding. The fact is, brain bio-hackers are so popular as anything else in the health arena.

In this present century, which is characterized by modern technological and scientific explorations, there is always a need for humans to adapt and keep up with the pace of these changes.

It's no surprise that a countless number of focus brain enhancers are already promising to transform your brain into an advanced human 2.0 version of yourself. Hype all over!

How is Modafinil different?

To be fair, let's give Modafinil some benefits of a  doubt on the premise that it could be worthwhile. This review includes the features, benefits, variants, FDA-friendliness, dosage regimen, and where to find Modafinil if you eventually decide to use it.

Also known as one of the best nootropics, Modafinil is a smart drug essentially designed to boost wakefulness. It enhances your cognitive functions in so many ways.

You know the most interesting thing about Modafinil? It’s not a stimulant even though it acts like it, but it’s really a eugeroic – a wakefulness-promoting agent.

This means you won't be getting any caffeine-like side effects BS, unlike general caffeine which keeps you awake but does a poor job on that part, making you tremor— its worst-case scenario. Some modafinil variants are Modalert, Modvigil, Artvigil, and Waklert.

Benefits of Modafinil

Modafinil is actually worth taking if you are looking to:
  • Increase your focus
  • Cure narcolepsy
  • Boost your creativity
  • Cure sleep apnea
  • Enhance your memory
  • Cure Idiopathic hypersomnia
  • Cure shift-work sleep disorder

According to ModafinilXL.org, Modafinil is a safe drug to boost brain power and it is not addictive. Though it has a risk of abuse, some people use it to stay up for way too long, which might, of course, make you sick, as with most drugs.

But you have to do your own due diligence in using this drug. Why? The physiological experiences of pharmacological reactions are usually different for everyone.

Therefore it is necessary to know beforehand, the common side effects of Modafinil: dizziness, sleep disturbance, anxiety, headache, nausea.

Serious side effects are usually related to mood changes, expressed in hallucinations, depression, agitation, confusion, and other forms of distorted thinking. Others include a few cases of allergic reactions like severe dizziness, skin peel, itching, swelling, skin rash, heavy breathing.

Should you experience one or more of these side effects, please do not hesitate to seek medical attention immediately.

One more thing you want to pay attention to is the drug interaction. As with other drugs, there are counterindications for Modafinil and if you must use it safely, you have to consider this: monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOs) usually do not mix well with Modafinil.

So, before taking Modafinil, you really should avoid MAOs for at least two weeks, to be on the safest side of things. And Modafinil also does not mix well with certain hormonal contraceptives such as patch, control pill, and ring.

Therefore it would make sense to consider alternative birth control techniques while you are on Modafinil, and one month afterward, to prevent unwanted pregnancy.  Isn't it?

What about cold medications? In fact, you should steer clear of things like caffeine and pseudoephedrine or ephedra as this might result in unpleasant physiological experiences— a surge in heart rate and blood pressure.


Although dietary supplements usually do not require FDA approval, it is worth stressing that Modafinil has been around for quite some time now and there seems no legal issue about it. Use it at your own will, benefits, and peril.

How to take Modafinil

For most healthy people, 30-50 mg of modafinil would be ideal. It lasts 6-8 hours; take it in the morning, with or without food. I need to say that modafinil is a prescription drug; you can talk to your physician about it.

Where to buy Modafinil

There are plenty of places to get modafinil. In fact, you do not need to search endlessly, as you can get modafinil here. Of course, this would depend on your choice and budgets. Thankfully, ModafinilXL offers various payment methods (Echeck, Crypto, Mastercard, Giftcards), free fast shipping, and full refund 100% guaranteed.

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  1. As a test, I began taking this medication for chronic fatigue/excessive daytime sleepiness about few months ago now. The initial dosage of 100mg was ineffective, however, at 300mg it works great. Energy level, motivation, focus has increased dramatically.

    1. Hi Sophia, thanks for the feedback. Do you still take it at 300mg?

    2. Yes Bukunmi. I still take Modafinil as always. It took about 3 days to determine my optimal dose is 300mg.

  2. Bukunmi, many thanks for providing detailed information on the best Modafinil vendor BuyModa.org. This product is great for focus, concentration and better memory.

  3. Angelina CutelineApril 20, 2019 at 3:09 PM

    As a medical professional (newly graduated medical student now in first year of residency), I am able to focus and learn better during the day even after having been up all night. As free time is scarce in residency, I am now able to study when I would otherwise be too exhausted to do anything.

    I really did not have any side effects. It has been reported that a slight headache may occur, however I did not experience that at all. I did not have any problems with my sleep schedule either.

    Recommended dose is 200mg once a day, can also be taken again in the afternoon if needed.

    1. Hi Angelina,

      Thanks for sharing your feedback.

  4. I have to say, Modafinil is considerably effective. But then, it depends on the vendor. Thanks to Neuroscientia for writing a detailed review and the best place to buy Modafinil online.

  5. One thing I like especially about this article is free fast shipping which I have tested out. Modafinil got delivered to me within 2 days in India.

    1. Hi Bajurat, where do you live in India?

    2. Bangalore. But recently I moved to Jaipur.

  6. I took it for a week. Most drugs I give at least a month but I drew my conclusions quickly this time. In my experience, there is mild cognitive alertness and an increase in focus.

    As per the best Modafinil vendor, this page is a nice deal.

    1. Many thanks for the information, Rosser.

  7. Modafinil makes me a lot more aware of myself and my surroundings. I started taking Modafinil to cure Excessive Daytime Sleepiness when I was in school. I used to be so tired and frequently almost falling asleep whilst reading or at work. This drug has saved my life. It helps me stay awake during the day. No increased motivation or electricity however.

    I take it day-to-day. Otherwise I may be exhausted all day.

    1. Hi Helen, glad it's working for you. Please, let me know if you have any question or concerns.