10 Unbeatable Hacks to Boost Up Your IQ

Are you feeling disappointed right now because you have got an “average” from the recent IQ test you have completed? Seriously, I assure you that you have taken the initial step towards being ‘intellectual’ if you are reading this article now. Learn how to improve your IQ and memory now.

How to increase your IQ
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How to improve IQ and Memory

Is it the good news for you right? I mean, honestly, I am taking you to the information that can be the best of the knowledge you have gained up till now. You can boost up your Intelligence quotient (IQ) by doing a few simple but magical tricks most probably you have ignored before.

People often do not consider such posts which say ‘Boost up your IQ” or “Clever ways to be intelligent” because we have built up the wrong impression in our brains that intelligence is something that comes naturally and everyone who is a dumb, will remain dumb for the rest of his life.

The human brain is actually the most wonderful creation of God and scientists have proved that we only use a 25% of our brain even if we are called to the intelligence community and that is a fact. We can increase our brain power by some daily exercises, good diet, and positive attitude. Let us go towards the 10 secret hacks to give a boost to your intelligence. How to make brain sharp and intelligent:

1. Studying about life can Change you Completely
It is the best step you can take if you seriously want to improve your IQ level. Life is not only about health, wealth, and happiness. Life is a lot more than that and studying about others factors of life will take your brain to such amazing folds and mysteries where you will love to explore things completely.

 Music, history, art, languages, behaviors, psychology and math, all of these subjects are so close to life that you will actually start learning that how this entire world works. Make it a habit to read a book whenever you are free and try to get a new book every week. It depends upon your aptitude that what you want to read, don’t just force yourself to read something special because your brain never accepts things that are imposed on it.

2. Brain games should be your go to
There are lots of brain games available which you can play individually or with your family. You will get immense benefits because when you start getting logics when you try to concentrate hard to solve any puzzle, it is definitely the best exercise for your brain. Just like a healthy body needs workouts, a healthy mind needs it as well.

3. Learn to play an instrument

Try to get the point, everything that is mentioned here is taking your brain to a grave concentration to enhance its learning capacity. When you try to memorize things, it’s a great workout for your brain. The study shows that learning to play instrument directly impacts your math and reasoning and that is the most solid reason why rich people around the world make their kids go to learn music. A 30 minutes’ class is good to empower your brain and also soothing for your tired nerves. You can get yourself enrolled in some good institute or hire a private tutor of music for that purpose.

4. Take paid IQ tests again and again
IQ tests are good for your brain and you will have to take them again and again because these tests improve your logic and thinking power. A misconception about these IQ tests is that the ones available online is equal to the one available at some career center or psychiatrist. When you are doing something for your brain, investment is not useless.

5. New experiences wake up the mind
Everyday routines don’t need your brain to work so hard. When you play something daily or do any job in a routine, your mind just needs to automate things without any effort. When you go for some new experiment, you make it wake up and let new things and concepts get in. it’s not something specific, even trying a new food is included in the list. The key here is to experiment things for the first time.

6. Take proteins, it's important
Wondering if it is just about brain workouts? No, you definitely need a good diet as well. If you are taking fatty foods, you need to set your diet plan to a healthy and protein full food. Protein is good to build neurotransmitters and thus, in charge to make your problem solving and alertness better so keep your diet full of protein. You can also take protein shakes additionally as well.

7. Don't overdue your sleep when you need it
It is the most common practice we have in our lives which all of us do and it is seriously injurious to your brain powers. When you need sleep, you must have it. Normally students sacrifice their sleeping hours for their studies specifically when they are about to take exams.

Research has shown that those students who gave themselves complete resting hours did much better on exams than those who stayed till late and studied. It proved that lack of sleep affects your memory badly so you should take at least an 8 hours sleep every day to keep your mind in best working condition.

8. Put yourself to challenges
It is not that difficult as the heading says, it is just about the routine work you do. Do everything in a different manner, for example, if you use your right hand to brush your teeth, try doing it with left-hand today, instead of walking forward, step backward in a short walk. Try to speak in the second language with someone, try to listen to different music instead of your routine one. All of these practices will let your brain work differently and definitely, improve its smartness.

9. Much ado about meditation
 Not only for stress relief and physical fitness, meditation is good for your IQ as well. We don’t say to do it for a long time but do it daily. You can split it to two to three time instead of 30 minutes long session but do it in routine like especially when you wake up, after a gym’s workout or before going to bed. You will enjoy a sound sleep after that because it is so calming and relaxing.

10. Fast intermittently
Intermittent fasting or IF means to stay without eating for 16 hours and eating plenty of rest 8 hours. This routine is proven by experts to let your brain work sharply and also burn your fats and make you physically smart too. Dietitians refer this practice to those who are obsessed as a part of their diet schedule, it increases brain functionality as well.

There is much more you can do to boost up your IQ but the condition is to be consistent. Do these things daily, as much as you can do. The core hint is to put your brain to new experiments and challenges because to routines, your brain works slowly and when you learn new things, it needs to wake up its powers to embrace those skills.

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