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IQ score of Nigerians
Nigerian IQ?
What is the average IQ of a Nigerian?
Nigerian average IQ score is 84 and ranks #23 globally. Want to prove this wrong by testing yourself here. Isn't it?

These numbers originated from a work did from 2002 to 2006 by Richard Lynn, a British Professor of Psychology, and Tatu Vanhanen, a Finnish Professor of Political Science, who conducted IQ research about more than 80 nations.

Richard and Tatu explained that distinctions in national income are associated with differences in the normal national IQ scores. They added that distinctions in normal national IQs constitute one essential factor, yet by all account not the only one, adding to differences in national riches and rates of financial development. These outcomes are dubious and have caused much open criticisms.

In case you don't know, an IQ test is a kind of psychological assessment/test that is regularly used to get a clue about a man's intelligence; where the full importance of "IQ" itself is 'Intelligence Quotient', at any rate by its conventional definition suggesting the consequence of a division (Quotient):

Mental Age/Chronological Age × 100/1

In spite of the fact that this equation appears to be old, psychologists are still used to the outcomes gotten from an IQ test as 'Intelligence Quotient'.

Why don't people test their IQ?

There might be a few reasons an individual would prefer not to test their IQ however the cost of taking an IQ test is evidently the most squeezing factor for shying far from testing one's IQ and knowing the IQ score.

With less regard to the cost, it makes sense one's IQ score particularly when you require it to end up some portion of a few fragments in the general public. For instance enrollment into Mensa and Pars requires a high IQ score as 130+, it's nothing unexpected to see organizations most quite, in the United States utilizing IQ score as criterion for recruitment purpose.

What about free IQ test?
Do they even exist? Obviously, yes and no. Why? IQ tests that are free don't generally exist unless you need to take some garbage crappy IQ test, a large number of which are discovered on the web. Doesn't really make sense well, isn't it?

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