Enhancing Your Memory Doesn't Have to Be Hard [10 Proven Strategies]

Dream it Possible! We’ve been trying to improve our memory since we were children. Do you remember when you first started school and teach...

How to Increase Brain Power Naturally

Ever wanted to know what you could do to increase brain power naturally? If so, you need to understand that it can be done to increase brain power, it’s a lot like building your muscles and it cannot be done overnight.

Boost brain power
Brain power boost
In fact, just like when you are building muscles, if you learn the proper strategies and techniques to give your brain a "work out and you employ those strategies and techniques regularly you can increase your brain power and build your brain bigger and stronger.
Activities That Will Increase Brain Power

☆ Learn to be two handed
Most people have a dominant hand and if you practise doing things with your non-dominant hand it will increase brain power. So if you are right handed you can practise writing or drawing with your left hand and vice-versa. You can actually learn to be ambidextrous with this strategy and be able to do many things well with either hand.

Try to teach yourself how to be two handed and you will be surprised at how much your brain will have to work to teach your "other hand" to do things you don’t even have to think about to do with your dominant hand. Start by just doing something as simple as writing your name with your non-primary hand. Even if it's very hard or you can’t do it right in the beginning, just trying to learn something new will increase brain power.

☆ Puzzle Solving and Game Playing
Some of the most current research being conducted suggests that playing games very effectively stimulates and challenges the human mind. Some video games are very effective but conventional games like chess work just as well.

Crossword games, Sudoku, free IQ test and number games serve the same purpose which is to challenge your brain and make it work to find solutions. When you do that your brain is forced to create new neural connection so it can adapt to the need to process complicated information.

One thing you can do is find a gaming console that has games you like to play. There are many great gaming consoles on the market that have excellent puzzle games you can use to increase brain power naturally.

☆ Learning how to use mind maps
If you have trouble organizing thoughts and ideas you can learn mind mapping. You can increase brain power with mind maps because they are extremely useful diagrams that help you see the connections between ideas and how they relate to your own situation.

One of the most useful things about mind maps is that you can always modify them or if a cluster of ideas isn’t working you can just erase it. You can also use mind maps to see how different ideas can be grouped with similar ideas allowing you to connect many small clusters of ideas together.

For example, if you wanted to design and build an elaborate landscaping project in your yard you could use mind mapping to figure out if you will be able to work with all the different materials and tools necessary to complete your project. This would help you connect 20 or more ideas together and give you a better chance of completing the project. To carry some necessary accessories you can use backpack diaper bag..

☆ Widen your experiences
 Most people wind up stuck in a rut as far as holding close to their comfort zone. This hold true for everyday things such as food, clothing, entertainment, and things that grab your attention. Learn to step out of your comfort zone and experience things that are completely new or even what you may consider “out of this world.”

It doesn’t have to be something you would consider dangerous and could just be something simple like reading a science fiction book when you are used to reading a completely different type of book or trying to paint a picture when you have never tried to paint or writing a poem or a song. The point is to try something new or strange so you can widen your experiences and learn new things.

There are many other things you can do and these tips may not seem very powerful but as I said in the beginning, if you develop a plan that fits your schedule and you work on it regularly you will quickly see that using these simple tips will definitely help you to increase brain power.

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