Seven Poopy Myths of IQ Test

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There are a lot of clichès that have lingered about IQ test and these are poopy myths of IQ test and IQ itself because they are generally irritating. You want to stop pooing these around after reading this.
IQ test myth
Pooing the myths on IQ

The media has been populated with a lot of false beliefs about what exactly IQ is, confusing the whole idea with intelligence; a different concept contextually and semantically.

However, intelligence is another thing entirely to understand away from IQ and IQ test. Making the situation even worse is the value placed on IQ tests in various institutions. While IQ usually count as criterion for placement of candidates, it is often biased, which is the #no one reason that makes it even more poopy.

Poop one: Geo-bias
If there is any poopy myth about IQ test, it would be geographical or cultural bias inherent in nature of many IQ test. Why?

The contextual contents in anyone IQ test is usually designed to suit that context alone. Arguably, this is because of the cultural background of test developer(s) themselves.

Poop two: IQ = Intelligence
Imagine your IQ is 145, and guess what? Voila. You just can almost do things that seem impossible. Why? A very intelligent super-human you are, because of your high IQ - 145. That's crazy.

It would have made sense if this is used to mean creativity is a predictor of intelligence. But unfortunately, creativity is not the same as intelligence nor IQ itself. So get it, IQ =/= intelligence. But experientially, high level of creativity can almost tell something about someone's intelligence and not neccessarily IQ. In fact, IQ is nothing more than a glorified figure that makes people feel high like Cannabis.

Poop three: IQ = Creativity
Insanely poopy is this one that has grown staled for so long ago. Why? People like to relate to IQ for any little bit of achievement. People want to hero-worship, glorify virtuoso,

Truth? Creativity is worth more than IQ. In fact many geniuses of all time have been reverenced because of their inventions. Remember Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Einstein, Vincent Van Gogh? These figures are products of creativity leading to intellectual (a.k.a IQ) boost in the face of IQ worshippers. Wait...what IQ test did Da Vinci took? Guess you got the idea...😉😎

Poop four: High IQers are Introverts
If I tell you all golds were refined, would you believe? If I tell you there are only black snakes in the world because snakes generally portray wickedness, would you still believe?

Shit. It doesn't matter whether high IQ people are introverts or not. Why? Personality trait doesn't neccesarily favour high IQ and high IQ doesn't neccessarily favour any personality trait. Want to see for yourself? Get a book and make a list of 50 geniuses and 50 dumbs. Got it?

Poop five: IQ test = Aptitude Test
For goodness sake, why would you want to substitute brain metrix for apt metrix. Confusing? What a poop. Now, if you could score high in aptitude test, no need to bother yourself about IQ test because they are essentially the same. Lol but foul. It doesn't make sense. Stop pooing this shit idea around.

Aptitude test are by their very nature, more general with less geo bias. How? Try to write US SAT no matter what your citizenship is.. if you are really savvy at your home country school, you could ace SAT.

Poop six: Big head is Big IQ
Hell, how can this be? If you have ever seen imbeciles, yes, many of them, you would confirm that this idea is blunt and blind. Many imbeciles have big heads and they can't help it. Guess what? Their IQ is below normal (less than 70).

Should you worry if your head is big? Lol. Stop it there, no need to panic because of big head. If you can wear your dress, feed yourself, bath yourself, your IQ is a good one. However, if you care about making impact in the society, start now. Dare to create something that no one has ever created and you would be called high IQer.

Poop seven: High IQers are Sociopaths
Without evidence to support their claims, you might want to think people who assume this are prejudiced against high IQers. Why? They probably are with low IQ score. Lol. But that is the practical truth.

Poop like this often irritates because of lack of evidence and the fact that it has grown stale is another reason to kill it finally. Want to check your IQ score and laugh off your ass? Click here and give us feed back.

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