7 Sinful Killers of IQ Test

IQ test is dead because it has been killed by 7 abstract serial killers that have lingered for long period of time. They are IQ myths that deserve to die. Yet many people rely on this figure as an accurate and predictive measure of someone's intelligence.

 For goodness sake, intelligence is more than just IQ but the latter misleads us into thinking that everything about our intelligence is the result of a division -quotient - that old IQ maths (MA/CA × 100/1). How correct can this be in the 21st century upwards?

abstract serial killers of IQ test
IQ test is dead
If you search Quora, you will see a lot of IQ stories and IQ confusions, the whole lot of intelligence questions on Yahoo Answers are flooded with IQ. Why? Many people are still obsessed with IQ scores.

Here at Neuroscientia, we test your IQ for fantasy and you may laugh about you intelligence Quotient., not a rigid score for you to rely on. Though the HTML code of the IQ widget was developed by a psychometrist, I still question its accuracy and psychometric properties. You want to have some fun using the free IQ test now.

The 7 Killers of IQ are:

1. Lack of rigid accuracy

2. IQ cravings

3. Hype

4. Racism

5. Brain drain

6. Intellectual miniature

7. False stability

- Lack of stability
If I tell you that your Mensa figure of 125 is your intelligence, would you agree? You probably would. Why? Everyone wants IQ 130+ [and maybe boast of it and make others that are less intelligent feel stupider]. If I tell you to take an IQ test on this blog, after which you found that tour IQ was 127, would you smile and label yourself smart? If your answer is 'yes', you are gullible to have been tricked and fed with IQ food that doesn't satisfy.

Whether an IQ test is standardized or not doesn't guarantee an accurate result.

- IQ cravings
If there is one reason for you to start hating IQ test right this instance, it is is the obsession inherent in IQ. It is as if IQ has a spirit in it, this spirit continues to feed and feed and feed us but we are never tired and satisfied of its food - lies. IQ stories have gone viral in developed countries in America and Europe. This is bull shit, dump it!

- Hype
Exaggerations all the time about IQ has killed IQ test long ago. How? Imagine a billionaire was successful in a business venture, the media might paint him 'a genius' because he succeeded.

We hear stories of Da Vinci, Newton etc. It boils down to their IQ. Why? Their successes and inventions. But psychologists didn't outrightly test the IQ of these guys. Their IQ scores were inferred from these inventions and academic records. No Mensa, no progressive matrices, no Wechsler etc.

- Racism
IQ better because my IQ is 143, yours is only 95. I am an American, you are a Togolese. This is bull shit! Why? No one likes to feel stupider. The average intelligence Quotient by countries may tempt you to look down on other countries' citizens because of just IQ. This often leads to situational bias. Bull shit killer of IQ test.

- Brain drain
It is not uncommon that intelligent people may evacuate a territory in search for better opportunities. This is called brain drain and it is rather a consequence than a cause, leaving the original country desolate and less developed.

Testing of people's IQ won't reduce the rate of brain drain.
Ask an average Nigerian, 'what would you like to achieve in few months time?'. Answer: I want to leave this bull shit country, I want to travel out, I want to earn dollars.

- Intellectual miniaturization
The more virality IQ gets, the tendency to reduce intelligence to just IQ which is abstract thinking and logical-mathematical based. Emotional, linguistic, musical, personal and spiritual intelligence are still other types of intelligence.

Miniaturing intelligence is like annihilating intelligence

- False rigidity
Scientists may argue from now till forever that IQ is inherited [therefore rigid to change] - that old story in genetics. But this may be fallacious especially when you consider other factors or variables in the environment.

These variables make IQ susceptible to change by either increasing or decreasing IQ. The root f the fallacy is inherent in the nature-nurture debate.

However, the two different sides would only make sense if unified. Why? Nature cannot divorce itself from nurture, as nurture cannot divorce itself from nature.
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