Why Freud was Wrong

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  • personality result from the innate influences of the unconscious mind. He theorized further that the mind has parts that makes up human personality to a unified whole and that these parts of the mind are the Id, ego, and the super-ego such that the  Id operates according to the pleasure principle  and therefore tend towards that  which is pleasurable and does not  consider the aftermath consequences of the pleasurable behavior for whatsoever reason, which is defined as gratification oriented and instinctual by its very nature. That the ego is that part of the mind that operates according to the reality principle so that it is conscious of man" choice of actions and in actions,decisions and behaviors. And finally, the super-ego operates according to the morality principle which is more consistent with  thoughts that distinguish between rights and wrongs through its ego-ideal  and the conscience which justifies n good and castigate  evil deeds within our mind. Inn fact, the super-ego is that silent whisper preaching the ten commandments with a more humble but accompanied by a  remorse feelings whenever we go against its will.

  The properties of the mind interact and the ego mediates in between the Id and super-ego in order to mitigate the intra-psychic conflict that usually sets in the mind due to the driving force and simultaneous demand of both the the Id and the super-ego.
   Too abstract, isn't it? It also has no structural basis to be justified about.

- Regarding the justification of the Id, ego, and the super-ego, they have no structural basis in the body.
- The concept of mind is archaic in the psychological literature so, a more appropriate disciple to study it is paranormal psychology since the mind can not be quantified  directly.
- Although the mind is instinctual so is the believe about its existence, many people are dogmatic and therefore are not  easily convinced that the mind is a secondary variable. In other words, they are not convinced that the mind depends on some other entities which by their nature do not lack structural entities unlike thee mind.
- It neglects the impact of the social factor as a determinant of personality which is the major reason psycho-social theorists like Erik Erickson were influenced by Freu but criticized some aspects of his theory.

- It is useful in psychotherapy and counseling to understand the underlying cause of psychopathology
- It  show the importance of early childhood, which is a promise to developmental psychology and personalty psychology, in  fact virtually all sub-disciplines of psychology.
 in retrospect, what is more to it than the theorizing clouded with sexuality?
 This question is mostly enjoyed by the critics of the psychoanalytic school especially Sigmund Freud himself.
  From the very onset of human development, man has been nothing more than a gratifying entity whose sole purpose is to succumb to the demand or dictates of the Id. Flaw! It simply would mean counter-factual to the supposed free-will of man. We have the ability to make choices, we are responsible for whatever occurrence is set on our path which is one of the major proposition of the humanistic, existential, and in fact, gestalt theorist . So why would the Id always  dictate? Some have sexually gratified towards suicide and rape. Find out what happened to their free-will. Or were  they under the spell of the Id, seat of the unconscious? Is the super-ego of these individuals dead? Is their ego malfunctioning?


Hypothalamic – cerebral conflict; Do they really interact or do they effect a conflicting change?
The Freudian psycho-sexual theory is not lost but rather can be filtered from neurology.
          Psycho-sexual theory speculated the role of the earliest stage of development of a child his/her adult personality.
The most interesting theory of Freud is the personality theory analyzing the mind by structuring its functions to inconspicuous entity that has no physical dwelling.
  Neuro-psychodynamism  is sufficient to the explanation of these seemingly ambiguous concepts of Sigmund Freud. Concepts such as ego, Id, and super ego cannot be de-emphasized but more elaborately, hypothalami-cerebral interaction is a factor that can explain how these personality parts are physically structured.
          Since physiological function, reaction and metabolism especially those of the brain are not altered, it is suffice to say that the brain can have a powerful influence on moral reasoning ; which is assumed as the function of super ego.     Consciousness, whose function was originally explained by Freud as the ego and also gratification for the Id.
The unification of the brain and personality.
ID= Hypothalamus and amygdala.
Ego= the lobes in the cerebral cortex especially the frontal & pineal gland Superego= Frontal lobe..
  Id must correlate with the fact that if the hypothalamus & amygdala are severed, then the subjects should not have the manifestations of gratification and aggression which are the functions of id. This gratification could be the drives such as hunger, thirst, sexual, sleep, curiosity drive etc…
          The essence of the lobotomy/leucotomy is to induce some semblance of negative feedback.
Mechanism that can maintain such great correlations to a high degree of compatibility with this personality part;
  ID has to correlate with the functions of pleasure centers in the brain
  Ego must correlate with the fact that if the lobes in the cerebral cortex and the pineal gland are severed, than the subject of leucotomy should not manifest the functions of ego. Such functions include consciousness, recognition of reality, rationality, controlled social and moral behavior as well as the recognition of time (both day/ light sensitivity).
The superego must correlate with the fact that if the hypothalamus and frontal lobe (interactions) are severed, the subject of leucotomy should not recognize conscience and the ego ideal simply because the structural entity of these two superego components (conscience and ego-ideal) has been removed.
 However, all of the above are hypothetical but suggested to for investigators to provide a better way of understanding personality theory of id, ego & superego in a more concrete ground as filter the abstract of the Freudian theories.

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