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What's the Brain?

My answer in Quora.
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Answer to the question you asked goes thus:
The Nervous System is one of the body systems just as we

have the respiratory system, circulatory system etc. The Nervous system is subdivided into Cental Nervous System and the peripheral nervous system but for the most important part here as not to go astray or digress from the question above, I will explain to you that the brain is a division of the Central Nervous System. In this regard, there are other components which makes up the brain. These are minute elements called nerve cells or better still, if you have ever heard about neurons. If not, just visit Neuroplastic Human Being:
Billions of neurons makes up the human brain so that they are interconnected to work hand in hand in the synapse. Synapse is one part of the neuron meaning 'the space between two or more nerve cells  connecting together because neurons do not connect as closely as you will think although the spaces are so minute to some billionth of meters that you hardly can notice it.
The function of the brain is to control and/ regulate most of the body functions. The brain is complex both in structure and function. By structures I mean the anatomy of the human brain and by function I mean the way the brain works.
I do not know of that part of the body whose function is not controlled by the brain. If the brain stop working properly or get damaged, the health would be  at risk.
There are many important parts of the human brain which their explanations would be bit by bit but I do not have to get exhausted dear.
 If I were to explain the human brain, its functions are just so inexhaustible that even neuroscientists are still researching how much functions the brain performs.
However,  I will like to stress further that any time you are given an assignment on the human brain asking you to describe what it is, just simply explain the above and also the mid-sagittal  region of the  human brain. The mid-saggital view include the parts that controls and  regulate the functions like motivation, sex, hunger, memory, emotion. This part of the brain is called the limbic system. Also, there are other parts of the brain even in the mid-saggital view of it these are what I earlier called the limbic system and its components include parts such as hypothalamus, amygdala, thalamus, cingulate gyrus, fornix, and hippocampus.
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