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Neuroscientia exists to promote the very best health and education products and services with relevant companies in mutually beneficial projects. 

We receive products and compensation; companies receive exposure for their brands through access to our loyal readers, students, and clients.

Neuroscientia chooses to cooperate with companies that have quality products and services, delivered with integrity and excellence. 

Preference would be given to cognitive health and educational entities that enhance learning, memory, and intelligence.

Neuroscientia advertisers are usually willing to make financial investments into social media and online marketing campaigns because they realize that a quality blog with viable influence online deserves to be compensated for its time and access to its audience.

Our primary offering is the most efficient exposure– compensated product review, sponsored post, social media promotion, email to subscribers, and exclusive podcast deal.

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Price & Payment

Depending on your choice, we will either send you an invoice link which would allow you to pay via Payoneer or a link to pay via MasterCard.

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