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An accurate IQ test with the full interpretation of your IQ score instantly online? That's almost impossible! Most accurate IQ tests are not on the internet, so you need to read further...

It true that most IQ tests are online and free. But if you quickly search Google for 'IQ test' right now, you will discover tons of them were merely designed as just fun quizzes.

Why would you depend on some IQ tests that were designed with much intent to make fun of you and waste your time?

Therefore you should get full access to a more reliable, workable system to test your IQ. This system must be viable, educational, and handy so that you will have nothing to worry about.

But relax...

What if you could get instant access to this unique system?

Here you go 

IQ Test for All was professionally designed to outperform most online IQ tests as this is guaranteed to reveal how logical and creative you really are, without compromising relevance.

This test consists of 3X3 Matrices. Each 3x3 matrix question has eight possible answers A-H from which you can choose.

You will have to choose the tile that best completes the matrix. Easy scoring instructions and interpretations included.

It's also possible that you wouldn't like to get bored with an IQ test of over 200 questions. Why? Humans tend to avoid any venture that inflicts stress and pain.

To ensure this, the IQ Test for All has only 25 questions carefully designed to test your IQ and creativity without wasting your time. Time is precious.

Apart from the IQ test, important details have been included to explain human intelligence, flaws, theories, controversies, cultural fairness, and bias in IQ tests.

Most professional IQ tests cost hundreds of dollars, and those are really huge prices. Would you like to go broke for merely testing your IQ? Won't you rather save your hundreds of dollars, anyway?

Generously, with IQ Test for All, you won't have to waste money and that's okay!

Length: 25 questions.

Administration: you may self-administer the test. However, children should be guided.

Format: Downloadable .pdf eBook

One-time fee: $79

You will also get free premium books— Ultimate Brain Game and the Genius Realm: 7 Days Challenge to a Creative Brain in the Neuroscientia bookstore.

New! IQ Test for All "printed paper book" is now available in Amazon Bookstore.



  1. Wow, I just got my own copy of this unique system. Excellent, and easy to interpret.

  2. I just downloaded this eBook. The two bonuses alone are very much worth the price.

  3. You mean I will get two extra books for free?

    1. Hey Miguel,

      Sure, you will get the IQ Test for All, "Ultimate Brain Game" and the "Genius Realm: 7 Days Challenge to a Creative Brain".

      These three eBooks are all available together on the same library.

      So getting the IQ Test for All opens free access to other books. Hope that helps.

    2. Thanks for the quick reply.

      I've downloaded the three eBooks and much for me to explore now.

      Will actually follow the 7 days Genius challenge especially.

  4. You won't regret it. I love your system it's really wonderful.

  5. I would gladly pay over 100 dollars for IQ Test for All and its bonuses.

    Thank you for making it concise, pleasant and most of all hassle free to interpret my scores.

    I couldn't have asked for more than this.

    1. Hey Harris,

      Thanks for the kind words. Happy to help.

  6. It really saves me time and effort. IQ Test for All is exactly what I needed.

  7. One thing I love about this test is that it's concise and doesn't waste your time. Creative and logical, yet educational.

  8. I couldn't have asked for more than this.

  9. Essentially, this is one if the most valuable educational resources I have purchased online.

  10. Hi Bukunmi,

    Thats easy to use. Many thanks.

  11. What? All three books for that low price?

  12. IQ Test for All is really nice material. I will recommend this platform to my colleagues.