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  • Marketing to the Neuroscientia Audience

Neuroscientia exists to promote the very best health and education products and services with relevant companies in mutually beneficial projects. 

We receive products and compensation. Companies receive exposure for their brands through access to our loyal readers, students, and clients.

Neuroscientia chooses to cooperate with companies that have quality products and services, delivered with integrity and excellence. 

Preference would be given to education-related entities including the best educational games for enhancing learning and memory.

Neuroscientia advertisers are usually willing to make financial investments into social media and online marketing campaigns because they realize that a quality blog with viable influence online deserves to be compensated for its time and access to its audience.

Our primary offering is the most efficient exposure–compensated product reviews or sponsored posts.

Homepage Featuring
We help you publish quality content for your brand awareness, with positive recommendations.

This would automatically be 'Featured on our homepage' between 14-30 days before newer articles push it down into the archive where it stays permanently.

Note: we own the exclusive right to your article.

Here are a few more reasons we should endorse you:

  • Reach a global audience. 80% of our traffic is from the USA, followed by UK, and Canada.
  • Write your own voice. You are free.
  • Can't write? We can help you write the post.
  • Link policy: we accept a maximum of two links.
  • Once published, the post would never get unpublished in the future. 
  • Yes, we hate broken links.
  • You can post up to 10 articles within a 30 day period.

Don't you want quality exposure, review, and link to your website, blog, product or service?

Quality reviews on a blog with influence are worth paying for. Neuroscientia receives an administrative fee for content management.

Our search engine optimized article will be syndicated to multiple social media channels and premium news outlets, RSS directories, and up to 1000+ authority sites.

Price: $159 per post.

Payment Methods: Paypal, and MasterCard. (Either can be accepted via our Fiverr gig). 

Interestingly, our secure MasterCard checkout offers you a discount of 5% and it's faster without any signup or login required.

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  1. Hi Neuroscientia,

    This is a good development and a sure good way for bloggers to get solid exposure. I urge everyone to get onboard sponsored posts and make things happen it sure damn works! This form of article posting sure gets you targeted visitors so go ahead and do it.

  2. Found your informative post via Thanks for sharing all this info Bukunmi, it will help many bloggers.

    1. You're welcome. Hope you find everything useful here.

  3. I just ordered a sponsored review back in the days.

  4. I have been using this service since 2 years ago. You won't go wrong with this rare opportunity. Yes, you get featured on quality edu and cognition health blog, Neuroscientia.

  5. Charles Ronald13 July 2018 at 07:42

    As usual, I just placed my order for this month. Together with a boost in domain authority, I hope more traffic flows to my site.

  6. I got featured last month and really happy with the results. The price is actually a steal as always.

  7. May I recommend this sponsored post services to my friends in Singapore? I just thought it won't really be fair to keep it to myself alone.

  8. I love this man. If you realy need an authority bump for your site or just some traffic, this is the way to go.

  9. Is this service still available?

    1. @Leon yes it's always available. You may go ahead and sponsor your post.

  10. Looks great, I should send my project to you soon.

  11. It's my 7th month in Neuroscientia now. I would like to try this service.

    Do you accept Mexican website or brand?

    1. @Alison no problem about that. We accept all countries. We have a way to make your website or brand align with our services.

      However, we do not accept porn, pharma, casino, hate, bigotry, and any form of inhumane content.

  12. You nailed it man! You are the boss. I would like to order again.

    1. Sure, this this is always available. Place your order anytime you please.