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4 Tips To Improve Your Posture

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Posture is the position through which we hold our body, sit, walk, move, stand. Some people have good posture but most people make their posture poor due to their bad habits or routine.

Here we discuss some tips on how could we maintain our posture good or how can we responsible for making it worse.

Usually, we are not consciously maintaining our posture its muscles group including hamstring and large back muscles are important in maintaining normal posture whereas ligaments hold our skeleton together and firm. These postural muscles maintain our posture and help us in movements.

1.Improve your Sitting position
Try to sit up with your back straight and your shoulder back. Don't be slouch it adds to stress on your spine and strain on your back muscles and helps to keep your backbone straight and maintained. A constant slump is responsible for smash your inside organ together that will make it harder to work your lungs and intestine.

Draw yourself up and accentuate the curve of your back as far as possible, hold for a few seconds. Now release your body slowly this is a good sitting posture. Distribute your body weight evenly in both hips.

At work, position adjust your chair position and height so that you can sit up to the close up to it and tilt to your positions. Sitting on the chair align ear to shoulder and hips in one vertical line. Your arm should be bend to 90 degrees and your shoulder should be relaxed when you working on the keyboard.

Even in a good sitting position its good to getting up every half hour and walk for a couple of minutes it will improve your posture and make it healthier.

If you slouch a lot, you can use a back brace that helps you sit straight and improve your posture.

2.Straighten up
Try to stand up tall or stand straight like you are pretending to stand against a wall to measure height. It will make your posture good also you look pretty smart and feel better. Don’t let your hips and knees to stick out.
Bear your weight primarily on the balls of your feet. Let your arms naturally down the sides of the body.
Tuck your stomach in.
While standing on a floor for a long time use comfortable shoes or let your toes and heels be relaxed.

3.Sleeping position
Firstly find a mattress according to your comfort. No matter in what position you are lying your pillow must be under your head not on your shoulder. Pillow performs a great role in making posture normal. Don’t sleep on your stomach. Sleeping on the side or bend will helpful in your back pain.

When standing on from lying position keep your side, turn up your knees slightly bend your back and give support your body by your arms. Forwarding your waist should be avoided.

4.Lifting position
If you want to lift an object, make sure you have a firm footing. Don’t try to lift an object much heavier than your weight. When lifting an object from a floor or lower than the level of your waist avoid bending your waist with straightening knees. The best way to bend your knees and hip and lift the object keeping your back straight.
If you are lifting an object from a table or from some height. Pull it to the corner so that you can hold it in a better way. Bend your knees keep your stomach muscles straight and use your leg to lift an object and come up in standing positions.

These recommendations are for improving your posture and for helping you to look smart, fit, and give relief in your back pain.


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