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What is the Purpose of the Pre Employment Test?

When enterprises wish to hire eligible candidates who are the right fit for the job, they have to go beyond the regular recruiting process. While screening the candidates using resumes is not new, there is no denying that employees tend to stretch the truth and may not always possess the skills they mention in the resumes.

To differentiate between skilled and unskilled candidates and to filter the best from the existing vast pool of applications, enterprises are including pre employment assessments as a part of their recruiting process. The main purpose of using pre employment tests is to identify the right candidate for the job. It is essential to choose a candidate who doesn’t just possess the required skills but has the personality traits required to be successful at the job.

Only when the employees can handle all aspects of their job with efficiency, their productivity will increase, and so will the productivity of the enterprise. This will lead to a profitable situation for the enterprise as a whole and to individual employees who can advance in their careers. Apart from this, there are many reasons for an enterprise to opt for pre employment assessments.

When Looking For Employment Test, the enterprise has to consider the following factors. Though pre employment assessments have a lot of benefits, unless the enterprise knows what kind of results it wants from the process, it is difficult to choose the right test. And if the enterprise ends up using a wrong or unsuitable test to hire employees, the results will invariably be unfavorable.

· Mission and Vision of the Business
Any business is established with predefined ideas and concepts. Every business has a mission and vision statement based on which the enterprise plans the business model and implements it. A service-based business model will be different from a profit-based model. The purpose of each job depends on this model and employees are hired accordingly.
Enterprises should start by analyzing the mission and vision of the business, making changes and revamp them if necessary, and then chart the job profiles.

· Requirements of the Job Profile
A job profile is an extensive collection of the skills, traits, and behavioral patterns of the employees. When designing a job profile, enterprises list out the required qualifications, work experience, and also other attributes the candidate should possess to be efficient at the job.
For example, a sales manager should be an extrovert, attentive, capable of talking to strangers and making good negotiations. An accountant requires a different set of skills and traits as the employee doesn’t have to interact with strangers throughout the day.
Understanding the requirements of a job will help enterprises in creating a test form that can assess the technical skills and knowledge as well as the personality and behavior of the candidates.

· Work Environment
Every enterprise has a different work environment. While some are relaxed and allow employees to be a bit casual, others require employees to strictly follow all the protocols.
When a candidate moves from one enterprise to another, a sudden shift in the work environment can confuse them and make it tough for them to be fully productive at the job.

Benefits of Pre Employment Tests

Enterprises while Looking For Employment Test, should focus on how the test is going to provide them with the following advantages.

Ø Save Time and Money
Many enterprises noticed that they could save around 60% of their valuable time and money by using pre employment assessments.

Ø Suitable for All Enterprises
An enterprise belonging to any industry can use the assessment tests. The size and volume of the business do not prevent an enterprise from using the tests. A startup business can easily use tests similar to a global enterprise.

Ø Employee Retention
When an enterprise hires eligible candidates as employees, there is no reason for them to remove the employees or for the employees to leave the job. Employee turnover will reduce, thereby increasing employee retention.  

Ø Increased Productivity
When employees start being productive, the productivity of the enterprise also increases in proportion.

Ø Increased Return on Investment
An increase in productivity will result in faster reach into the market. This will give the enterprise an edge over competitors and bring increased returns.

Ø Employee Satisfaction
When an employee is suitable for the job and vice versa, the satisfaction level of the person will be high. Satisfied employees deliver better results.
Many companies offer pre employment test tools for an enterprise to customize and conduct the tests. They also offer the required technical support in using the test forms and shortlisting the candidates. Enterprises can contact the service provider companies for more information about pre employment tests.

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