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What brand of washing machine is most reliable?

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Today, a washing machine is a must in every apartment. It saves not only your time, but also water and even electricity. When choosing a washing machine, buyers primarily pay attention to its dimensions, number of programs, washing class, energy consumption and brand. In order not to get lost in the choice, pay attention to the main parameters.
There are many questions that you will have to decide when choosing a necessary, useful and very expensive item of household appliances such as a washing machine: which company is better, how many and what programs will be needed, what kind of load, spin speed, etc. Let's try to figure out together how to make a justified choice.

How to choose a washing machine: basic parameters?

First of all, the main point that you should decide on is the form factor of the machine, more precisely, the method of loading – Top Loader or Front Loader. Top Loader machines are more compact (already, and they take up less space), they are suitable for a small bathroom (kitchen). But most Front Loader machines have a removable top cover, so this machine can be "integrated" into the kitchen set by covering the top with a worktop, or simply use the cover as an additional shelf. The loading of the “Top Loaders” is usually within 5-5.5 kg, but the Front Loaders are more capacious - up to 12-14 kg. There are no special differences in the reliability and quality of the wash; it all depends on the manufacturer and brand.

Which Brand is the Best pick to Buy?

Determining top washing machines in India and which brand of washing machine is better to buy, we will first consider the rating of quality and reliability. It is led by the Germans - “BOSCH” has a minimum percentage of failures and drawbacks. It is followed by "Haier" in tandem and is more represented in the budget and mid-price segment.

The next pair is the Korean Samsung and LG, which surpass other companies in the number of models; they are presented in all price ranges - from budget to elite class. But if we consider separately the “Top loader washing machine” class, which company’s washing machine is better, then Whirlpool clearly dominates here, followed by BOSCH, LG and Samsung. If you need to choose a washing machine, focusing on the quality of washing, then the five leaders look like this: Bosch, LG, Haier, Whirlpool and Samsung.

Additional functions

Washing machines provides numerous different features to the users that make their lives much easier. The main features are temperature control during washing, rinsing and spinning. The rest are additions. In the delicate washing mode, the machine uses more water at low temperature, and the drum spins more smoothly, which does not allow spoiling the laundry. Not all machines have spin in this mode. An economical wash that will last longer than usual. As the washing intensity decreases and time increases, electricity and water are saved.


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