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Onsite massage programs aid to tackle workplace stress and boost productivity

Employers who are keen to maintain a healthy workforce that can deliver higher productivity. So, they are more and more turning to address the wellbeing of their employees at the workplace. Besides providing a healthy working atmosphere and ensuring the safety of all employees, employers have understood how important it is to keep employees happy and healthy at work so that they feel like giving their best and thereby improve productivity. It has resulted in spreading the spirit of health and wellness across organizations by arranging for Corporate Massage or Office massage programs for employees. Companies are arranging for onsite massage services for their employees, which consist of Boston chair massage Boston MA to keep the workforce in perfect shape.

The massage services for employees at their workplace during working hours can include either table massage or seated massage and become a part of the work routine. Employers can create a schedule for the massage services rendered by professional massage therapists to ensure that all employees can avail it. Organizations can determine the frequency of massage services according to the number of employees, which can vary from a single massage therapist delivering services on specified days of the week or multiple therapists attending to different employee groups throughout the week. Regardless of the schedule, employers must ensure that all employees attend the massage programs so that they stay in the best of health.

Employee health affects productivity

Employee health and wellbeing impacts organizational productivity because poor employee health leads to high absenteeism or turn-over and a sluggish approach to work.  As technology infiltrates more and more into the workplace, the need for delivering higher output keeps increasing, and it exposes employees to excessive stress that often becomes unbearable and difficult to handle. The symptoms of stress on employees are costing the US businesses about $200 billion a year due to low productivity, coupled with increased medical and health expenses.  Besides absenteeism, ill or unfit employees attending work is also a cause of poor productivity. The phenomenon known as presenteeism is a big concern for employers.

New forms of workplace organizations are cropping up to balance the technological advancements, and employees are assuming increased autonomy and responsibility, which is a cause too for increased stress that affects their health adversely and hinders performance.  The new work culture of multi-tasking compels employees to wear many hats, and it multiplies stress. Add to this the high expectations of meeting tight deadlines and the stress multiplies many more times.

The curse of workstations

Besides work pressure and intense pressure of time that employees face, they also have to battle the stress arising from spending long hours at their desks tied to a chair at the workstation.  Work stations that fail to meet the standards of ergonomic design are mostly to blame for muscle fatigue and stress that can trigger many health problems. Humans tend to adapt body postures that help to accomplish tasks easily without ever caring about its impact on health. As a result, we pick up some bad habits and postures both for doing work and even while sitting and relaxing that put too much stress on the body can make us sick Benjamin Gordon.

Stress on the body causes tightening of muscles, and it restricts blood flow across the body, thereby causing pain and numbness. It sucks energy and leads to fatigue while increasing the possibilities of repeated stress-induced injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.

The solution

Chair massage helps to overcome the problems of injury and fatigue due to stress by addressing the circulatory problems which affect almost every office worker. Massage programs offer a much-needed break and give the opportunity of tending to their bodies to counter the effects of stress. Ongoing through the massaging sessions, employees feel relaxed as the body regains its composure and even has a calming effect on the mind. After the session, employees forget about the stress endured and feel rejuvenated to start afresh and give their best. The results of massage reflect in the output, which improves with time.

Win-Win situation

Arranging for massage programs in offices and workplaces create a win-win situation for both employers and employees. The sessions keep employees healthy and happy as they feel assured about the way their employers take care of their wellbeing, which creates a sense of gratitude and motivates them to give their best. On the other side, employers are also happy because of the increased productivity that justifies their stand about investing in the wellness of employees.

Workplace conflicts become a thing of the past as there is marked improvement in inter-personal relationships between employees and with employers that creates a collaborative work environment and boosts productivity. Employees are cooler and more composed in tackling problems that create better bonding and teamwork, which motivates them to deliver more without feeling the stress.

Better health means more productivity

Happy and healthy employees are ready to give their best not only in terms of productivity but also high quality of work. On attending massage programs at the workplace, they realize how much their employer cares for them, and it boosts their morale so that they feel the urge to pay back by delivering more. Massage sessions aim at reducing stress in employees so that they can concentrate better at work and provide better quality.

Stress endurance becomes easy when the body is fit and strong, and employees can focus on their work better and think more creatively for improving output. Every morning they wake up recharged and ready to go to work, thereby reducing absenteeism and boosting productivity.  Massage sessions at the workplace ensure that employees can handle additional workloads with ease and deliver more while never feeling fatigued or exhausted.

Professional massage therapists bring along with them the equipment like a massaging chair and table and set up a massage center in a room or space allocated to them. Each session could last for 15-30 minutes, depending on the massaging needs. Employees feel relaxed and recharged after the sessions, which motivates them to take up new challenges and prove their worth by delivering the results that make employers happy.


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