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Making Virtual Learning Relevant: Using Scenarios in the Virtual Classroom

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Scenario based learning is a great method that aims at elevating the learning outcomes of the learner from comprehension to analysis and putting it to practice. Once the learner obtains a real skill, he or she can use it to make informed decisions and perform a task efficiently.

It is crucial for the instructors to keep their scenarios in a realistic way for the learner to internalize and understand how to use the knowledge in a practical way. It will be very difficult for a learner to practice what he or she has never encountered in the real world. One way to obtain real life examples is talking to the experts in the field of study to come up with the appropriate scenarios.

Another great way is to interview people who are employed in a similar field to what the learners are studying. Discussing the problems that arise regularly at the workplace and how these people solved them will engage your learners and help them retain crucial information.


Scenario-based learning be used in instructor-led training and e-learning. E-learning involves the use of electronic media to study and learn effectively. Learners who have used e-learning methods such as videos have reported to learn and understand things faster compared to the traditional system.

The main advantage of e-learning is that the instructor has complete control over it. It saves time because it’s not easy to lose track and deviate from the topic of discussion.

During their free time, learners get the chance to explore and learn more about the topic of discussion. Using scenario-based learning to make e-learning engaging and practical to the learner is simple and quite effective.

To ensure that e-learning scenarios are valuable to the learner, it is important for the instructor to create the most realistic scenario that will cover most of the paths that the learners might take. It’s crucial for instructors to take their time when creating these scenarios for them to have a huge impact on the learners.

Instructor-led learning

Scenario-based learning is an amazing way to see how the learners think and correct them along the way if necessary. One good thing about instructor –led learning is the lively and timely feedback provided to the learners to improve their skills. Some learners have reported a number of constraints in the classroom that could hinder learning such as flexibility and time constraints. Speaking of flexibility, class schedules are normally fixed and are therefore not subject to the changes in environment.

In case of an emergency, the learner cannot adjust or reschedule the class. Instructor-led learning gives the instructor and the learner an opportunity to bond and create lively relationships which will definitely have an impact on the engagement and learning curve.

Adults learn differently

It's always important to keep in mind that adults, unlike children only engage when the subject of discussion or content is relevant to their way of life. This is why most virtual classrooms use slides and lectures. Learners must be involved in what they are studying if they want to improve. The aim of scenario based learning is just that.

The most valuable resource we all have is time. We must use it properly all the time to avoid failure and regret in future. Formal learning takes up a lot of time and resources. Therefore, you have to ensure that all the lessons are relevant and impactful to the learners.

In most virtual classrooms, the aim is to get as much content out for learners to be informed. While this is good in some way, it leaves the learners confused and unable to implement what they’ve learnt in the real world.

Use time wisely

As we said earlier, scenario-based learning is all about solving problems. These problems should be closely linked to the learners to enhance efficient learning. In every organization, the employees are the greatest assets. Without employees, no operation can happen. The business is not the office space, furniture or computers. It is the people.

All business managers should ensure that their employees are continuously learning and improving themselves for the organization to move forward. This means investing in quality learning and training sessions regularly.

There are tons of companies and online resources that you can use as a business manager to promote and improve the education and skills of your employees. Using the best company to help your employees learn will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Plus, it will also save your business.

According to resume services, learners should be engaged emotionally for the training to have a huge impact on them. The aim of scenario based learning is to encourage learners to use their education and skills to improve their productivity, performance and ultimately achieve their results. If learners cannot apply what they learn, then it is a waste of time and money.


E-learning and instructor-led learning are great ways to help learners develop their skills, make informed decisions and improve their productivity and performance in the long run. The instructor is free to use any of the methods he or she deems fit to help the learner make progress.
With the advancement of technology, every aspect of our lives has been made easier. As the popular saying goes, the more you learn, the more you earn.

Happy learning!

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