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Influence of Technology in Intensive Care

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There is no doubt that the 21st century will impact the healthcare industry with technological revolution. Intensive use of clinical informatics and information technology is needed to gather and manage data. This is then transformed into actionable information and disseminated for effective patient care.

The importance of data handling is heightened in the ITU since it impacts patient outcomes. By nature, critical care involves complex decision-making processes. As such, it is data-intense and will need to incorporate technology for data management. Here is how technology can affect intensive care in hospitals.

Never-Ending Alarms

Alarm fatigue is one of the biggest challenges faced in agency nurse ITU jobs. ITU nurses use a variety of devices like pulse-rate monitors and pumps that create noise. These noise levels are often unbearable and are turned out to prevent distraction.

This action can prove to be dangerous if the alarm is serious. These sounds are mostly created due to the inability of the devices to communicate with each other. Updating these devices for a seamless transmission of patient information will help ITU nurses to manage patient care with ease.

There is little likelihood of machines setting off false alarms, and hence the nurses can focus their attention on patients and not on these sounds. So, improved device communication will undoubtedly make waves in the not-too-distant future.

Electronic Intensive Therapy Unit

The future of Agency nurse ITU jobs may also deal with an eITU or an Electronic Intensive Therapy Unit that uses state-of-the-art technology for advanced critical care. Also known as the tele-ITU, this technology is revolutionising the way patients receive critical care. As an ITU nurse, you may be expected to use an eITU for monitoring vital signs or medical management for detecting arrhythmias.

Also, an eITU can support patients in multiple hospitals. This technology aims to provide round the clock care and optimise clinical expertise for patients all across the country. High-speed data lines connect devices like video monitors, two-way cameras, smart alarms, and microphones to provide real-time patient information to the ITU nurses. Dedicated telephone lines may be maintained for uninterrupted communication with patients. Other benefits attributed to this form of telemedicine include:

·         Improved task completion rates.
·         Enhanced job performance.
·         Improved collaboration.
·         A useful aid for nursing assessments.

Apps That Sort Data

An ITU will always benefit from enhanced data filtering facilities. The ITU department collections thousands of patient data and stores it in an electronic health records (EHR) system. Nevertheless, this kind of data storage may not always be organised. Hence, more often, ITU nurses find it difficult to retrieve the correct data about patient conditions. However, today, several apps are created to help you overcome this issue. For instance, some apps organise health details based on the organs affected. Few other apps help doctors analyse whether their treatment of medication has the potential to harm the patient’s condition.

Time Saving Sensors

As the name suggests, these sensors will alert ITU nurses and other clinicians about the impending critical tasks that are to be performed on patients. For instance, a manual check of bed alignment can be replaced by sensors. These sensors monitor the angle of the patient’s bed and provide alerts to the nursing staff about realignment. This kind of alignment is crucial since it helps to keep patients safe from pneumonia.

Have You Begun Your Journey Of ITU Nursing?

Now, with so many technological advancements, ITU nursing has become a top priority for specialist nursing. It is a great venue to expect a career boost while benefiting from job satisfaction. Here are some reasons for you to choose ITU nursing.

Opportunities for Personal and Professional Growth

As an ITU nurse, you would have undergone a rigorous degree in adult or child nursing or complete a placement in a high dependency setting. Working alongside technology will help you provide excellent patient care, develop in-depth knowledge and relational skills necessary for supervisory or other managerial roles. The role of an ITU nurse also fetches you enough exposure to challenging patient conditions and polishes your critical thinking skills.

Limitless Learning Opportunities

Continuous learning is one of the many perks of being an ITU nurse. It helps you strengthen your skills and keeps you abreast of changing clinical standards. This continuous learning is brought about by periodic revalidation and participation in lectures and seminars. On-the-job experience is also a great way to enhance your knowledge.

Secure Career

An increase in ageing population and rampant spread of chronic diseases have made ITU nursing indispensable. Job opportunities for ITU nurses are available in nearly every city across the country.

ITU nursing is a flourishing career that offers numerous opportunities for career and personal advancements. It is a field of a continuous technological uprising and brings forth innovative technologies for assisting the nurses. These innovations have brought about improved patient care and relived ITU nurses from many strenuous tasks.   


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