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How to Combat Myths About Heart Condition and Deal with Panic Attacks

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Outdated and false information may increase the risk of you getting a heart attack. Here is all the information you need to know to protect yourself and the ones you love besides taking BLS for healthcare providers online.

In the recent past, we have been getting information on the causes and possible means of preventing heart attacks. However, if you do not put a keen ear on the trending news, you could have a bunch of information about heart disease. Knowing the truth by taking BLS for healthcare providers online and distinguishing it from mistaken beliefs can help you in avoiding heart disease.

You Need to Take it Easy if You Have a Heart Disease

For most people who are victims of heart disease, living an easy life is an uncompared option. However, getting up to exercise can help in reducing amounts of cholesterol in blood vessels, hence prevent clotting of blood in the vessels. Drug abuse, on the other hand, will not be as effective since the cholesterol levels in the blood will not fall, instead they may even raise more.
What to do: Limit intake of foods with high fat and cholesterol content.

Fine to Have a Higher Blood Pressure for the Old

As age rises, blood pressure tends to rise too. In as much as this is considered a normal trend, it does not mean that it is good for you. As artery walls become stiffer with the advancement of age, the heart is therefore forced to pump blood harder to all the body parts. As blood plunges over the arteries for a longer period of time, the arteries are destroyed.
What to do: Ensure you have blood pressure checked regularly if the blood pressure goes 140/90 millimeters of mercury, consult your doctor and ask him how you can pull the pressures down.

Vitamins and Supplements can Lower the Risk of Heart Disease

Vitamins E and C can be factors for lowering the risk of heart disease. However, some trials in the labs to supplement the effectiveness of these vitamins has failed to give drawable conclusions on their roles. More research has proven there is no scientific evidence to prove the effectiveness of vitamins in prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.
What to do: To ensure you get the best out of vitamins, consume them while they are in food substances. Skip the store-bought supplements and eat a variety of nutritious foods.
You are also advised to take an online CPR class to ensure you can offer help when the need arises.

If You Take Diabetes Medication, It Won’t Cause Heart Disease and Panic Attacks

Diabetes medication only helps to lower blood sugar levels and prevent the worsening of your health immunity. Maintenance of the blood sugar levels is important for preventing conditions such as loss of vision, kidney diseases, and nerve damage. However, the control of blood sugar has less effect on large vessels of blood that may get diseased, hence increasing the risks of a heart attack and panic attack. These vessels can only benefit from the maintenance of low cholesterol and fat levels in the body.

What to do: Take diabetes medication to prevent microvascular complications. Do everything else possible to lower cholesterol content in your body. Lose extra weight and stop smoking. These will reduce the risks of getting heart attacks and panic attacks. More on panic attacks below.
Managing a panic attack can be done medically or psychologically, depending on the severity of the condition. The key is maintaining a healthy lifestyle and following all the recommendations made by your doctor.

Take Deep Breaths

Panic attacks can sometimes be controlled by taking deep breaths. Rapid breathing usually does more harm than good as far as panic attacks are concerned. You should instead take long and slow breaths to help calm you down.

The best way about it is by breathing in steadily while counting to four and breathing out slowly counting to four. You should breathe deeply while drawing air from your abdomen and allowing your lungs to fill up slowly.

Get Prescriptions

A doctor may decide to prescribe medication rather than the regular dosage. Such drugs are often known as PRN, which work at a faster rate. Your doctor might prescribe medication depending on the severity of the panic attacks. The PRN might contain a beta-blocker that works by slowing down the heart rate while decreasing the blood pressure.

Avoid Stressful Environments

Loud sounds and busy places can intensify panic attacks. You can control this by finding a more relaxed environment that is less busy. You can close your eyes and focus on deep breathing as you lean against a wall or a tree.

Mindful Exercises

Panic attacks can intensify your anxiety and make you feel like you are in a different world, away from reality. Taking mindful exercises is a great way to reground yourself by directing your focus away from stressful sources. Such exercises include identifying two types of smells and if they trigger your memories, tasting something such as a fingertip or a candy bar, touching three objects while considering their texture and temperature, and listening carefully to four distinct sounds by analyzing the uniqueness of each sound.


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