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Everything You Need to Know About Nephrology and Kidney Disease

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Our human body is divided into various organs. Every organ has a role to play in maintaining health. Damage or malfunction of any organ can lead to serious diseases that require medical treatment.

Our medical science also is subdivided into various categories making it easy for the medical professionals to concentrate on each part extensively. Nephrology is a field of medicine that is related to diagnosing and treating problems with kidneys.

Kidneys are an important organ in our body because they help in purifying our blood and help in excreting waste. However, they are also susceptible to damage or failure due to unhealthy habits like drinking, smoking, eating unhealthy food on regular basis, consuming high levels of sugar, high blood pressure and various other factors. 

All these factors can lead to any possible disorders that require serious medical attention. Nephrology is a part of science that deals with the treatment of kidney and related diseases. So, if you are diagnosed with Kidney problems, you should probably start looking for Nephrologists in Lucknow who is known for positive outcomes.

Role of a Nephrologists’ in Kidney Disease

As mentioned before, Nephrology is a part of medical science that is known to deal with kidney and related problems. In fact, nephrology is considered as a sub-specialty in the field of internal medicine.
Aspiring nephrologists spend years studying and training in the functionality of these complex organs. 

During their studies, they understand the role of the organ in our body and the conditions that might trouble it. Over the years of education, a student learns to treat kidney problems through various options like regulating blood pressure or pushing fluids or electrolytes in the body.

Therefore, in the study of Nephrology, students understand different disorders related to the kidney and devise a treatment plan accordingly. It is only after the completion of the study and certified by the medical board, a doctor can carry out their practice in treating kidney disorders.

Role of Kidneys in Our Body

Our human body consists of two kidneys and they are the most vital organs of our body. Kidneys are responsible to perform significant tasks on a daily basis. Kidneys purify the blood by removing waste, which is then directed to the urinary bladder and later flushed out of our body through urine. But, that is not the only function performed by them. 

There are other important tasks that are given to kidneys. They are responsible to perform homeostatic functions, which means, they are responsible to regulate electrolytes in our body. The homeostatic function also helps in keeping blood pressure controlled by maintaining levels of salt and water. 

The other kidney functions include reabsorbing glucose and amino acids that are left in our bloodstream. It is only after studying each and every function in detail; a doctor can understand the problem and what all things can go wrong if a healthy lifestyle is not maintained.

Treating Kidney Disease Naturally

If you have recently been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, you must be inquisitive about many things and must be looking for answers for a dozen of questions. Apart from knowing how the disease prevailed and other what’s and why’s, there is a big question that every patient is curious to know – What’s Next?

A kidney disorder is not something that should be taken lightly. The doctors would prescribe medication, dialysis or transplant depending on the condition of the patient. However, all these treatment options are aggressive and do not involve natural treatment. Though it is not recommended by doctors to completely rely on natural or alternative medicine for renal treatment, you can definitely combine the two to increase the effectiveness of the treatment process. Below are some natural treatments that you can use that do not pose any danger on your pharmaceutical treatment plan:-

v  Diet – Maintaining a healthy diet is a crucial part of the kidney treatment plan. Your nephrologists’ would also recommend consuming food that is low in salt as well as potassium. You should rather consume food that is rich in protein because it helps in maintaining body strength and muscle growth. However, you need to be also careful about consuming the amount of protein in a day.

v  Home Remedies – There are various home remedies that have proven to be beneficial in treating kidney problems. Our home is full of natural herbs and medicines which can be used as natural substances to heal kidney infections like apple cider, baking soda, and corn silk. Another natural element you can use is garlic. Eating a pod of garlic on a daily basis can naturally cure kidney disease.

Kidney diseases when diagnosed should be treated immediately. Early diagnosis along with an appropriate treatment plan will help in improving the condition and raise the quality of life.


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