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Uses of protein supplements and protein powder flavours

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Proteins are known as the “building blocks” of the body. These macronutrients help in building muscles and for repairing tissues, and also in producing hormones and enzymes. Many people opt for protein supplements for losing weight and also for getting the desired muscle tone. In this article, let us focus mainly on the following aspects, namely,

1. How will you benefit from protein powder?
2. How to select the best flavors?

Let us take one sub-topic at a time in the paragraphs that follow.

1. How will you benefit from protein powder?

The uses of protein powder are many and they are as follows-

Managing your weight

If you take protein supplements or food that is rich in protein, it usually makes you stay full for longer. You do not feel hungry and this prevents you from binge eating or eating in between the meals, which is the sole cause for gaining unwanted weight.

Also, it has been seen that consuming protein powder or supplements can help in reducing the total fat mass if you are obese or overweight. In other words, if you have BMI which is more than what it should be, taking protein can help you in reducing the same.

The best part is that you have the option to choose from different MyProtein flavours, an aspect which has been dealt with in the paragraph at the end of the article.

Keep lifestyle diseases at bay

If you are maintaining a healthy weight, it means that you are less susceptible to the various lifestyle diseases like hypertension, obesity, Type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and so on.

Muscle growth

Protein aids in muscle growth and for this reason, it is widely used among the athletes and sportsperson. It helps in getting well-toned muscles. However, the amount you require on a daily basis largely depends on your age, weight, and lifestyle.

Repair tissues and muscles

Apart from building muscles, it aids in repairing tissues and building muscles. It also serves as a means of recovering from fatigue, especially for athletes after having lost energy or damaging tissues during the course of any sports or games.

Nutritional value

Ideally, the daily intake for people between 19 years and 46 years and above is 46grams for females and 56 grams for males. Not everyone consumes this amount of protein through meals and other food intakes. As such, protein powders serve as additional nutritional supplements to make up for the deficiency.

2. How to select the best flavors?

One of the reasons why protein powders are much sought after is due to the fact that they are available in a wide range of flavors. Ranging from raspberry, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, and many more, you will simply be spoilt for choice when you start selecting from amongst so many flavors. many recipes we can find on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, youtube ETC.

The fact that the tastes and preferences differ from one individual to another makes it difficult to zero-in upon a single flavor or name one as the best. If you like raspberry, it might not be someone else’s preference. Ram Duriseti

However, regardless of whether you are ordering online or from any brick and mortar store, the available flavors are many and to suit every taste bud.


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