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15 Best Natural And Organic Skin Care Brands In India

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With changing times, we have realized the harmful effects of chemicals and artificial ingredients in our beauty products. Sure enough, the beauty products with chemicals to do the job right, but at the price of your skin.

However, in the recent past, thanks to the rapid awareness of the ill effects caused by artificial elements in beauty products, Cosmetic natural beauty products are dominating the markets. If you are wondering which are some of the best organic brands to choose in India, then here is a list:

Organic Harvest

Organic Harvest is one of the most popular brands in India. Known for 100% pure and vegan products. The brand creates its products from plants and herbs which are devoid of pesticides and other chemicals. Additionally, Organic Harvest’s products are paraben-free, include various mineral oils and have anti-bacterial properties.

The brand offers many personal care products and skin care products.

Khadi Naturals

Khadi Naturals is one of the best natural and organic beauty product brand in India. This brand makes use of ayurvedic practises to bring out the best in the products. The brand’s products are made under the guidance of ayurvedic experts.
However, some of the products offered by Khadi Naturals do contain parabens. But an all-natural alternative is also offered.

Just Herbs

Just Herbs is one of the leading brands in India when it comes to natural products. The brand specializes in creating products from various ingredients collected across the country. These products are free petrochemicals and various other chemicals.


Biotique is a rising all-natural brand. The Biotique products are marketed as ayurvedic products and not as cosmetic products. Like other brands on the list, Biotique offers only natural beauty products. The brand offers skincare products as well as hair treatment options as well. Biotique’s Fresh Kelp Shampoo for hair growth offers good results.

Raw Nature

Raw Nature is a unique brand, it offers you a wide range of products. The products it does offer you are 100% natural, vegan, naturally derived or certified safe-to-use. Offering you grooming essentials, all of which are chemical-free, paraben-free and do not make use of harmful chemicals. Furthermore, the products offered by Raw Nature are also allergen-free.
Once the products are made, they will undergo screening in order to figure out if there are any trace toxins or allergens in the product.

First Water Solutions

Offering a wide range of products, the brand retains 100% purity in all of its products. The brand takes pride in creating products with the help of traditional means of production.

Mama Earth

Mama Earth makes use of 100% natural ingredients for its products. The brand is also animal-cruelty free. The brand develops and creates products which are safe for children. Bringing only the best, they promise to give you honesty in terms of the use of natural products only. Mama Earth is Asia’s first-ever brand to be certified with MADE SAFE™ Certified Products.

The Natures Co.

Nature’s Co. sticks to the roots and offers only “all-natural” products. The brand stands tall against animal cruelty and offer products which are environmentally safe as well. Nature’s Co. continuously grows and makes it a point to develop various types of natural products only.

Whether you are looking for the best face moisturizer Advice or the best shampoo, remember to choose an all-natural brand only! All-natural and organic brands help you to save your skin from unnecessary damages. To ensure your skin’s safety and beauty, switch to naturals.

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