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New age dentistry – Much more than tooth extraction and dental fillings

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A confident smile can impress anyone! Whether you are appearing for an interview or going for a date, a charming smile can work in your favor. Some people have the perfect pair of teeth and excellent gum health! However, others have swelling gums, misaligned teeth structure, teeth cavity and chipped tooth, and the like. These could be the outcome of poor dental hygiene or an accident, where a person lost his/her tooth. Sometimes, people are born with a weak gum structure. The solution to all this is modern-day dentistry.

Dentistry has come a long way than tooth extractions and necessary cavity fillings. Today, a dentist can give a person a perfect smile that complements his/her facial structure and jawline. To know more about this, you can get in touch with the Dentist in Mission.

Today, you can opt-in for restorative, preventive, and cosmetic dentistry solutions. Some of the popular dentistry solutions are:

1. Dental implants and crowns

There are times when the head of a tooth structure gets compromised because of sudden falls or accidents. Sometimes, infection in the root can make the tooth to fall out or break suddenly. Here the dentist needs to clean the root and treat the infection. Once that happens, a post gets implanted inside the gum, and a dental crown gets planted that looks like a natural tooth. It is useful when you have missing teeth. It is one of the best smile correction techniques.

2. Teeth whitening

Not everyone has pearly white teeth! Irregular brushing and flossing habits often result in a yellow tinge on the teeth. Dentists can clean this yellow layer on teeth through advanced teeth whitening solution. The process cleans the yellow stains on the teeth as well as the minute dirt and debris that at times hides in the corners of the teeth. It helps to remove the plaque and germ build-up as well, which go unnoticed most of the times.

3. Partial dentures

The full dentures are what most senior citizens opt-in for! However, today, dentists have the scope to design partial dentures that helps to cover up for two or three missing teeth in a row. Many people, who want a permanent solution, often use a partial denture for a while and then opt-in for dental implants.

4. Dental bridges

It is another option for filling the gaps between teeth! If you have two or three teeth crooked, chipped or two missing with chipped teeth in the middle, you can say yes to a dental bridge. The process works almost close to a root canal or dental implant. The dentist first treats the dental infection, places a metal post, and then seals it with the dental bridge. It is a permanent solution. And if a person maintains proper dental hygiene, a root canal can last over a lifetime.

The new age dentists usually scan the affected dental region using X-ray! Once they know the root cause of the problem, they provide the best treatment. Dentists also help in aligning the teeth and gums through the use of dental braces. The modern-day dentist offers customized solutions based on patient problems.

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