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Living the Good Life – Health and Exercise Routine Every Woman Should Know

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There are a lot of things that are expected of women, and we know all too well how to dodge the questions we don’t want to answer and how to tell someone off when they overstep their boundaries. But the top thing that women have been told for hundreds of years is how to look. What shape to be, how much to weigh, what muscle size they’re allowed to have and the list goes on. Well, we are not taking it anymore. We are going to do whatever we want and look however we want, and if we want to be fit and strong, we’re going to be that for ourselves, not for the approval of others. So here are some ways to be the best version of you – for you.

Start your day on the right foot

The beginning of your day can really set the tone for how the rest of your day is going to go, so you want to start it right. First things first: get into a schedule. Your body will quickly adapt to any schedule you set, as long as you stick to it. So no lazy days and skipping breakfast – as soon as the alarm goes off, get up and start your day. Put your coffee on and do some light stretching. This will wake your body up, warm the joints and get your system working. You will feel refreshed and awake when your coffee is just the right temperature. Next, try not to skip breakfast. It will really give you the fuel you need, even if it’s a small amount. If you don’t like eating in the morning or it makes you nauseous, try having a breakfast smoothie or simply take your breakfast for on the go and snack on it during the day.

Find strength exercises you love

Running is fine, but what you really want to do in order to feel powerful and fit is to build up strength. And if your first thought is “I don’t want to build up too much muscle!” you first need to check yourself why you are afraid of looking strong, and secondly – fret not, there are ways to build up strength without building up too much visible muscle mass. So whether it’s kickboxing, strength yoga, weight lifting or ballet, get into something that will make you feel all your strength. An important thing to remember is that as you train, your muscles literally rip apart and put themselves back together, making a stronger bond. But to help them replenish, you need to give them specific nutrients, so getting a post-workout mix from will give you a great head start. You don’t have to devote your entire life to working out, just make it a part of your life, just like reading books before bed or putting on a face mask on the weekends.

Make sure you rest

Women today are really putting the pedal down when it comes to the speed of living, but it’s important to remember to sometimes slow down and take a break. This applies to literally every single path in life: Don’t rush from one relationship into the next. Don’t rush through your meals while on the go. Don’t rush to leave the shower as soon as possible. Don’t work out every single day of the week. Give your body and your mind time to rest. If this doesn’t come naturally, pencil it in your schedule: meditation sessions, relaxing, reading, listening to music, gardening… and leave yourself plenty of time to fully enjoy the activity.

Have fun with it

Life is not as fun if you are constantly being serious. You have to see the fun in the little things and really make the moments matter. Whether that’s swapping a jog for a fun Zumba class, making crazy creations out of your food or just dressing up silly every once in a while, have fun with the things you’re doing, and you’ll not just find that things are easier to do, but that your whole life is more enjoyable, too.

So whether your goals are to get fit, to get a stable routine or to just live your best life, remember that the mind and the body are inseparable and that whatever you are doing needs to nurture both, because that’s the only way you’ll be truly happy.

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