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Key tips to keep in mind before going under the laser for hair removal

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We, as human beings, tend to be lazy. Nobody wants to wake up early to shave legs and armpits. But without it, there is no going out in style. There is no respite even if you have shaved because of the prickling sensation underneath jeans and other clothing.

For a permanent solution, you can go for laser hair removal. However, there are a few essential tips to keep in mind before you start looking for the best laser hair removal service. In the following post, we have gone over the details for what you need to do before you go for the treatment.

The science

Laser hair removal is not magic. Keep in mind that you will be worked on by a cosmetic laser. The settings are adjusted to your skin and hair type. The cosmetic laser kills hair follicles at the root that prevents hair growth for the foreseeable future.

Don't go out in the sun before the treatment

Keep in mind that you cannot go for the treatment if you are sunburned. The procedure is a no-go if you are tanned as well. So, if you are thinking about getting the laser treatment done, make sure you avoid the summer months.

Shave the area before the treatment

It is vital to shave the area before you go for the procedure. This is important because laser treatment is not like waxing. Shave at least a day in advance before the appointment. Also, keep in mind that you cannot go for the procedure immediately after waxing. The laser works on the hair follicles, so you need hair to get it done.

Stay away from spray tans, lotions, and solariums

For the reasons mentioned above, you need to miss out on the tanning schedule and procedures before you get the laser hair removal done.

It starts with a test patch

Every individual has a different skin type. This means the therapist will check the reaction of the cosmetic laser on your skin before going all in. That is why a patch test is performed to check the reactivity and sensitivity of your skin to the laser.

It is more than one sitting

Keep in mind that you cannot expect magic to happen in one session. According to experts, at least five to six appointments are required to complete the procedure.

Duration of appointment

Depending on the area you are thinking about treating, the procedure can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a full hour. Legs and back need more time due to the bigger area size.

No laser near the eyes

Cosmetic lasers are low on power, but they are still dangerous around the eyes. So, make sure you have eye protection while getting the treatment done.

There is no full-body laser hair removal

Keep in mind that cosmetic laser uses light and heat to remove hair follicles. So, it is crucial to understand that there is a limit to what the body can tolerate in one sitting. Therefore, full-body laser hair removal is a strict no!

Keep in mind all the above considerations before going for a laser hair removal procedure.

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