How to Improve Your Cognitive Flexibility with 9 Science-Backed Tips

It’s hard to imagine a person who is not thinking about the ways to increase IQ and improve cognitive performance in general. Scient...

Get to Know 5 Proven Ways of Simple Brain Improvement

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Is there anyone who wouldn’t benefit from a boosted brainpower?

A well-functioning brain has a better capacity to process and memorize information. It’s also more focused to any big or small tasks that it needs to complete.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines brainpower in a simple way: it’s a person’s intellectual ability. Many people identify it with the IQ, but they don’t realize there’s a way to improve the brain’s functions in different aspects.

You want to rely on tested and proven methods to improve your intellectual power?

We’ll list 5 techniques that work.

5 Ways to Improve Your Brain’s Power

1. Read Challenging Content

Great literature expands the limits of your thinking patterns. You explore history, time, space, and all kinds of ideas. American author Fran Lebowitz said it well: “Think before you speak. Read before you think.”

Let’s look at the science behind the reading brain.

When you read any kind of content, your brain has to activate various parts and get them working together, so you’ll decode and understand the message. If you want to understand how these connections within the brain work, read this book: Proust and the Squid: The Story and Science of the Reading Brain by Maryanne Wolf.

When you read every day over a long period of time, you slow down the process of cognitive decline that occurs with age. In fact, age is not the only cause of cognitive decline. So is laziness. Have you seen students who procrastinate on everything and don’t bother reading through the studying material? As a result, they start panicking and going through the top paper writing service reviews, uk essays, when the deadline for a paper comes. They haven’t read enough, so they don’t know what good content looks like.

On the other hand, we have students who read every day. They go beyond the coursework material. They read “real” books that stimulate thinking patterns. They don’t need Australian writing services, EasyEssay or another writing agency to help them with the papers. In fact, they are so good at writing that many decide to work for best thesis writing service or best paper writing services when they graduate.

2. Eat Foods that Boost Your Brain Power

Believe it or not, the way you eat makes a great difference in the way you think. You might have noticed that too much sugar and gluten make you soggy. After eating too many unhealthy foods in a day, you feel lifeless and dull. That’s because your body uses its entire energy to digest those meals, so there’s not enough of it to support the brain’s functions.

The brain requires specific nutrients, just as your muscles do. When you provide them through your diet, you’ll start feeling fresh. You’ll also prevent neurodegenerative disorders related to brain aging.
These are the most important brain-boosting foods to eat:

  • Whole grains (they contain vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant)
  • Berries (they are rich in antioxidants, which improve the communication between the brain’s cells)
  • Dark chocolate (it may improve memory functions)
  • Food rich in Omega-3 fatty acids (nuts and seeds, salmon, herring, mackerel, sardines, and tuna)
  • Coffee (it keeps you awake)
  • All the green veggies (especially broccoli and kale)
Healthy food is delicious! When you change your diet, you’ll start feeling brighter by the day. You’ll be less tired and more mentally active.

3. Take Your Supplements

Maybe you’re not able to eat clean all the time. If you’re at school or at work, you have to make peace with the lunch options at the nearest buffet. And sometimes you need more than a salad. Even if you’re eating healthy, it’s hard to meet all nutritional needs of your body.

For proper brain function, magnesium, beta-carotene, vitamins E, B12, folate, and C are mandatory. You can easily meet the daily needs for these nutrients if you get a high-quality multivitamin.
Research found that a ginseng supplement may also contribute towards improved mental performance.

Pay attention: supplements aren’t going to replace healthy food. If you eat pizza, drink sugary soda, and avoid fruit and veggies all the time, a supplement isn’t going to bring your brain power back. You need fresh and healthy food. Prepare yourself at least one healthy meal per day and start avoiding sugar. Along with the supplements, this routine will immediately make a difference.

4. Play Games to Train Your Memory

Do you find yourself forgetting things you’re supposed to remember? You’d like to remember more of the information you hear at class, so you won’t have to hire custom coursework writing for your papers later on? You want to remember important information, such as credit card numbers, the driving license number, and a few phone numbers?

Forgetting occurs because you haven’t trained your memory well. You can improve memory functions, but it takes some discipline.

Lumosity is a great game that trains your brain without making you feel tired. You get three games with the free version and five with Lumosity Premium. The games take a few minutes of your time, every day. The games are designed to provide an effective workout for your brain, so they will improve functions like problem solving, speed of decision making, attention, and memory.

The games have been designed in accordance with insights from scientific research. Just try playing.

You’ll love it!

5. Exercise!

Physical exercise has long-lasting benefits for your body and your health. We all know that. A few days of regular exercise are enough for you to start feeling better. You feel more energized, more vital, and simply better about yourself.

But did you know that physical exercise was good for your brain, too?

Let’s see how that happens.

With aerobic exercise, you increase the blood flow to the brain. As you increase the heart rate, you need to speed up and deepen the breath. This increases the oxygen levels that enter the bloodstream, and the flow gets that oxygen towards the brain. That’s why you feel so fresh and alive after exercise.

The processes in your body lead to production of neurons (neurogenesis) in the brain’s areas responsible for thinking and memory.

If you were wondering why all successful people exercised, it’s not just because they want to look good. It’s because physical activity improves the way their brains work.

Brain Improvement Won’t Happen Overnight

Let’s say you woke up early this morning, read this article and made a decision. You’ll exercise, you’ll eat well, you’ll take your supplements, you’ll play memory games, and you’ll start reading.
Will you become smarter by tomorrow?

Well yes; you’ll be a bit smarter because you’ll obtain valuable information through the reading process. But if we’re talking about a true brain power increase, you’ll have to stay dedicated to these changes over a long period of time. You’ll be getting brighter by the day, and you’ll keep going.

The good thing about these habits is that they are not hard to develop. It may take a great deal of commitment for you to start exercising and eating healthy, depending on your current lifestyle. But if you push yourself through the challenging beginnings, you’ll realize you’re enjoying the newly developed habits. And of course; you’ll enjoy being smarter than you one were.

Cognitive decline is a real thing that comes not only with age, but with passivity as well. If you spend your days stuck in a shallow routine, you’re not boosting your brain power. Don’t allow that to happen! Start making changes today!

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