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Fat Grafting – Consult a Top Female Plastic Surgeon in Singapore for Plastic Surgery

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Women often need to correct a few features and body parts! Either they had cellulite issue, or problems with their features from childhood or they developed it because of lifestyle changed or medications. Sometimes, when drugs and other processes don't work, plastic surgery is the only solution. One plastic surgery process that women opt-in for are fat grafting surgery. 

What is fat grafting?

Simply put, grafting is the process that helps to restore the volume of the face for minimizing the pitted scars and creases. It also helps in enhancing facial contours. This process gets called fat transfer, as it helps to remove the fat from one part of the body and use it on another part of the face. It helps to fill in the sunken areas of the face that is a result of an injury, age, illness, or acne scars.

Women, who want to opt-in for a fat grafting process, often feel comfortable with a female surgeon. It is because they can explain their perspectives better. Also, it gets a lot easier to speak to a woman about your plastic surgery expectations and goals. To know more about this, you can check out WC Ong Plastic Surgery Singapore.

The advantages of Fat Grafting 

The aging process brings about volume loss. It slows down the collagen production, and the skin has a hollow and lax look. When there is less volume, it leads to the formation of wrinkles as well as furrows, in the face which includes lines running from the nose corners to the mouth sides.

Fat transfer offers a safe, natural, and lasting solution for a more youthful appearance.  It also helps to cover the deep pitted scars that usually are a result of acute acne. The fat cells get injected to the wounds that fill in the uneven texture and also develop a smooth appearance. 

The first part of this process comprises collecting the fat cells. It provides people with an added advantage of liposuction right at a donor site, which generally is the abdomen. Women like to have a slim waistline as well as a refreshed and youthful look. The fat transfer also minimizes facial scarring, congenital disabilities, as well as accidents. Instead of selecting fillers that need to get injected for twice a year, fat grafting is a more lasting process that helps the face to look radiant and beautiful. It gives you face a glow and doesn't make the sunken areas appropriate.

Things to remember

There are pros and cons of every plastic surgery! Hence, when you are opting in for a fat grafting process, it is essential to keep a few things in mind.

You need to get a complete health check-up before the surgery
You need to check if you have any ailments or allergies that might create a problem post-surgery
You need to know the exact aftercare technique so that you can get the best results of the surgery

Once you keep these points in mind, it becomes easier to prepare better for the fat grafting technique. You can ask all your queries and get all the clarity you want from the surgeon.


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