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Creating beautiful smiles and more – What cosmetic dentistry can do for you?

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Cosmetic dentists do not do different things and generally do what a regular dentist does, but their specialty is that they do it differently. Cosmetic dentistry is the stuff that dentistry offers in maintaining good teeth but what it offers more is bringing about improvement of the overall facial appearance.  Dental procedures that take care of cosmetic improvements can set right various dental defects. It includes crooked teeth or malformed bite, but its greatest contribution is in bringing about significant dental aesthetic improvement that brings out your best smile.   As people are growing more conscious about their looks, cosmetic dentistry is fast gaining popularity across all sections. Many of the dental improvements have become quite affordable.

Not all are born with the perfect teeth setting that creates the million-dollar smile, but there are ways of improving your smile by consulting a cosmetic dentist. By bringing subtle changes to teeth configuration, the dentist can bring out the best smile that you always wanted.  Whether it is a minor modification in tooth setting or involves some major dental surgery, there is a wide range of options in cosmetic dentistry that is fast becoming a part of mainstream dental treatment.

Despite cosmetic dentistry providing affordable options in improving dental aesthetics, you must be careful in deciding about it. Not only are teeth very important part of our mouth that helps to chew and bite food to facilitate eating, but it also contributes to your oral health which in turn impacts general health. Healthy teeth ensure that you enjoy good health. Proper chewing of food is essential for enabling proper digestion which aids good metabolism that brings good health. Your teeth contribute to your overall appearance by influencing your facial profile.

Change the way you smile

How a person smile tells a lot about his or his personality. The smile is the best form of facial expression that helps to connect with people easily. Smiling is good for health too because it reduces stress and calms the nerves by relaxing the facial muscles. Everyone would like to sport the most charming smile, which can often become challenging due to improper teeth alignment, large tooth size, missing tooth, broken tooth, or crooked tooth. Even if teeth setting or size is in order, its dull appearance or yellowish color can spoil your smile.  To take care of all such problems and sport a fabulous smile that becomes an asset, you must fall back upon cosmetic dentistry that can make the necessary upgrade and create the most attractive smile. Therefore; it is only natural that the focus of cosmetic dentistry is on maintaining and upgrading facial aesthetics which plays a critical role in enhancing self-esteem.

Women are more attracted to cosmetic dentistry

Does cosmetic dentistry have close links to fashion and helps to make a fashion statement? Maybe yes, because the majority of women seek cosmetic dental improvements as evident from the records of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. It confirms that almost two-thirds of people going to cosmetic dental surgeons are women.  Any healthy person can explore any cosmetic dental procedure as an option in beautification, but sometimes it might become a necessity. For example, if someone undergoes dental damages in an accident and lose a few teeth, to replace the missing teeth, it would require the intervention of a dental surgeon who is an expert in cosmetic dentistry.

Wide scope of cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry can bring about a complete makeover of your facial appearance by changing your oral profile dramatically.  Are you unhappy with the way you smile and feel that there is room for improvement by making changes to your teeth? Then you must visit a cosmetic dental surgeon who can fulfill your wishes. The dentist will first listen to you to know the cause of your dissatisfaction and try to understand what kind of improvement you want to achieve. He or she will then evaluate how much it would be possible to bring about the changes that you seek and advise a suitable course of action.

Whether you want to reduce the gap between two successive teeth, want to reshape a few large teeth or like to have shining teeth, cosmetic dentistry has an answer for all. To change the color of your teeth, the dentist would use a tooth-colored material that is also useful to fill gaps between teeth.

Know the limitations

Having an initial consultation with the cosmetic dental surgeon should help to assess your current oral health and its shortcomings. Based on that he or she can decide what could be the best procedure for meeting your expectations in cosmetic improvement.  You might wish for any change to tooth structure and appearance. But only a dentist who has experience in cosmetic dentistry can tell how far it would be possible. All cosmetic dental procedures are not as simple as teeth whitening, which is a bleaching process. Some procedures, like fixing crowns or veneers and teeth reshaping, involve quite a lot of technicalities and requires some excellent skills to implement it successfully. Moreover, your oral health is also a factor that can limit the available options. 

The remedy is near at hand

There is no need to worry if you have chipped or misshapen teeth. Even if some teeth are missing or appear dull and discolored because cosmetic dentistry has a remedy for each condition. If the condition of your teeth is so bad that you feel shy to smile, then going to a cosmetic dental surgeon can put an end to your woes.  From minor dental adjustments to major surgeries, cosmetic dentistry has a wide variety of treatments that can bring back that beautiful smile that you always wanted. By reconstructing the teeth configuration according to your need, cosmetic dental surgeons can bring about a drastic change that improves your face value. From extending or shortening teeth to teeth whitening, filling unwanted gaps between teeth, and even filling the gaps created by missing teeth, cosmetic dental surgeons can help to improve your dental aesthetics.

Also, any lack of teeth functionality can get addressed through cosmetic dentistry. Do you have biting problems because of defective tooth setting that prevents proper matching of the upper and lower tooth? Then cosmetic dentistry can correct it and restore your normal bite.

But since cosmetic dentistry is mainly about cosmetic dental improvements, we will now discuss some commonly practiced procedures that are simple as well as affordable.

Teeth whitening

Faulty brushing techniques are the main reason for discolored teeth or teeth staining, but there are other reasons too.  Teeth staining and discoloration can also happen from tea, coffee, tobacco (cigarettes). Some medications can also be responsible, and it can be hereditary, and due to aging.  Teeth whitening is a simple bleaching procedure that removes dark stains and brings back shiny white teeth. Although it is a simple procedure, since it relates to your oral health, it is best left to a dentist to decide whether it would suit you. Visiting a dental clinic is the best way to get it done, or you can do it at home too, but under the supervision of a dentist.


To change the color or shape of your teeth, the dentist would place thin pieces of plastic, porcelain, or composite material on the targeted tooth to bring about the desired change. Veneers are the solution for broken or chipped teeth and even for unevenly spaced teeth as well as crooked teeth. Veneers create a covering on the teeth that hides the imperfections and behaves in the same way as dental crowns but cost less.

Teeth shaping

Often it might be necessary to improve teeth appearance by removing the enamel or contours that alters the shape of teeth. It is a commonly used cosmetic procedure that dentists name as contouring or enamel shaping. The procedure is effective in altering the shape and length of teeth and can even alter its position to give it the desired shape and size. Teeth contouring can address the conditions arising from chipped and irregular teeth, crooked or overlapping teeth and can resolve minor bite problems.


The procedure of bonding consists of applying a tooth-colored material on the tooth surface to create the correct look. The procedure is useful for improving teeth appearance affected by broken or chipped teeth, cracked and stained teeth, and it is also effective in filling gaps between teeth.

Consider the cost angle

It is true that many cosmetic dental procedures are quite affordable but many others like dental implants can be quite costly. Moreover, dental improvements for cosmetic reasons or for that matter, many other dental procedures do not come under the health insurance coverage. Its purpose is not curing any disease but mere beautification. Therefore, before finalizing a deal with the dental surgeon, you must get an estimate of the cost so that you can consider its affordability.

Whenever you face any problems with dental aesthetics, you must consult a cosmetic dental surgeon who can provide the right answer.


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