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7 Ways to Improve Brain Performance

Don’t you wish your brain could function as a computer?

There are many areas where more focus and improved mental function is required.

With improved brain performance, you can do more in a short time and come up with solutions that could’ve taken many days.

But how do you improve memory and increase brain performance?
This article shares seven ways you can do that.

Just keep reading.

It surprises that some people can remember and quickly understand new things. It’s possible for you as well.

To keep your brain functioning to its full potential, you need to keep it engaged.

Some studies suggest that brain function is powered by physical exercise which helps in the development and enhancement of brain function to keep you young and free from diseases.

Keeping your brain healthy makes you productive and happier.

Here are seven ways to boost brain performance.

1. Give Your Brain Exercises

Your body needs exercise to stay fit your brain needs exercise to keep it functioning properly.
Once you become an adult, your brain functioning also grows. You can now remember things quickly, you can solve problems in the right way possible, and you can get things done without too much thinking.

However, there are other things you need to keep your brain active always. These things are what make your brain to grow and develop.

When you give your brain exercises, you improve your processing and recalling of information.
Remember, you need to give the brain exercises that challenge you to do new things. This way, your brain is stimulated and new brain cells are formed.

Exercises that stimulate the brain should have the following key elements.

  • Should be challenging - the exercise should require you to pay more attention. It must be something that requires you to think hard. For instance, you could try to learn how to play a challenging piece of music.
  • It should teach you something you are unfamiliar with - your exercise should not be something you are already good at. It must be something that teaches you new skills.
  • It should be something you can grow with - it should not be something difficult to start, neither should it be easy to work your way up as you develop your skills. It should start with an easy level and get a little complex as you work your way up.
  • The exercise should be rewarding - the exercise you give your brain should not only be challenging but also satisfying. This way, you will enjoy doing it.

Think of something new you have been longing to do, becoming the best essay writer in the world, from Best Essay or A-writer, master your pickleball tackle, speak a foreign language, etc.

These activities and many others out there can help to improve brain performance, as long as they are challenging it.

2. Get Quality Sleep

Research suggests that sleep is important for memory consolidation since essential memory boosting activities take place when you are in deep sleep.

Unfortunately, this is the trickiest area of most busy entrepreneurs. You wake up before the world, you spend your day moving up and down to build and grow your business and you are the last to sleep.

But this can affect your sleep patterns and ultimately affect your brain performance. The amount of time you need to sleep, which is also backed up by science is 7 to 9 hours every night.

That means if you sleep less than 7 hours, you have made a difference in your sleep patterns. And this can affect your problem-solving abilities, memory function, creativity, and other brain functions.

Sleeping too much is also bad for your health.

To make sure you get quality sleep:
  • Have a regular sleep schedule - if you usually go to bed at 9 pm and wake up at 5 am, stick to that schedule. Whether it’s on weekends or holidays, stick to your routine.
  • Keep off electronic gadgets some hours before you sleep - electronic gadgets emit blue light which quashes the hormone that makes you sleepy.
  • Keep your coffee for the next day - when it comes to coffee, some people have reported difficulties in getting quality sleep even after taking it in the morning. If you suspect that your coffee is affecting your sleep patterns, cut it out.

3. Give Your Body Physical Exercise

Mental exercise is necessary for brain health, but physical exercise is also important to keep your brain sharp. When you exercise, blood flows smoothly throughout your body which oxygen to your brain and hence prevents you from suffering from memory loss like cardiovascular diseases and cardiovascular disease.

4. Learn How to Manage Stress

Stress can deteriorate the brain function. Too much stress can affect brain cells and destroy the hippocampus, the area of the brain that helps you to learn new things and remember old ones.

Stress has been said to result in memory loss according to studies.

Here are a few hacks to manage stress.
  • Give yourself breaks during the day
  • Set achievable goals
  • Avid multi-tasking
  • Learn to balance your life
  • Know when it’s time to address your feelings instead of burying them under the sand.

5. Eat Foods that Boost the Brain

Many people many a mistake to think that food is important for the body and forget about the brain. As a result, people think that eating fruits, whole grains, lean protein, nuts, fish, etc. is good for the body not knowing that these foods are also essential for brain development.

Foods that facilitate a constant flow of minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids throughout the body are essential in creating a perfectly functioning brain.

Here are a few tips to boot your brain performance:

  • Take more fruit and vegetables - fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants that help to keep the brain safe and healthy.
  • Take omega-3s - omega-3 fatty acids are great for brain health and fish is the number one rich source of omega-3. Eating cold-water fish especially salmon, herring, mackerel, etc. can boost your brain performance tremendously. You could also take non -fish sources of omega-3s including kidney, spinach, seeds, soybeans, pumpkin, broccoli, etc.
  • Cut back calories and saturated fat - Red meat, butter, cream, whole meat, ice cream, and other calorie-rich foods increase your risk of dementia and can affect memory.

6. Laugh

It is said that laughter is the best medicine for the body and the brain. When you laugh, your whole brain is stimulated. Laughter reduces pain, eliminates stress, and boosts your immune systems.

Once you laugh, the feel-good hormone (endorphin) is released.

If you want to introduce laughter in your life start by:

  • Interact with playful people - these are people who can laugh on almost anything. They can even laugh at themselves. You need to spend time with these people to develop a laughing habit.
  • Copy from children - kids are experts when it comes to playing and laughing. You can emulate them.

7. Teach Others Something You Know

Are you good at essays, you can start offering professional essay writing service to students or just teach anything else that you are good at to people who need the education. Educators have discovered that students who teach others a topic they are experts in helps them to understand and recall that topic fully.

Teach a friend or a study buddy a new concept and you will find that you can recall the information better.

Final Thoughts

To improve brain performance, you need to develop a habit and as the study suggests, it takes 66 days to form a habit. Try to focus on one or two things that work best for you before you can take another one.

Is there anything we’ve missed? Let us hear that in the comment section.


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