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Personal trainers: Should you hire one?

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Fitness helps you think better, feel better, and move better, and personal trainers help their clients to do the same. It has long been proven that working out and physical activities help in healing ailing health issues like depression, PCOD, etc. and also boosts confidence in oneself.

A personal trainer is an individual who works one-on-one with his or her client to help them achieve their fitness goals by implementing an exercise regimen. These people are specialized in and are passionate about physical fitness. They require a minimum of level 3 certification, topped with additional qualifications in group training and nutrition.

A personal trainer conducts a fitness assessment to check your strength. He or she checks how much physical strain your body can endure, depending upon which they make your exercise chart. So, if you are planning on hiring one to boost your fitness level, you can consider personal trainers. However, when hiring, ask the trainer about their credentials.

Duties of a personal trainer

A personal trainer educates and demonstrates routines to his or her clients. They motivate you to exercise and achieve your goal. They also provide with constant information and required resources on health and fitness issues. The trainer can modify exercises and routine according to your fitness levels. He or she ensures your safety while you perform your fitness regimen or are working out, and provides with first aid in case of any emergency.

Responsibilities of a personal trainer

A personal trainer is responsible for designing bespoke workout routines per the client's fitness level and their specific goals such as muscle strength or weight loss. The trainer is also responsible for motivating instead of urging you to opt for a healthier and more active lifestyle. Trainers are supposed to give a general dietary plan to you and explain how the intake of nutrients and vitamins in specific amounts, play an essential role in your fitness journey.

Pros of hiring a personal trainer

1. One of the most important advantages is that they will prepare an exclusive fitness regime just for you, according to your goals and physical strength.
2. They check whether you are performing exercises or working out correctly or not. Many people get seriously injured while performing some exercise incorrectly or improperly. So, hiring one personal trainer will not only reduce the risk of injury but also improve your efficiency.
3. They help you set realistic short term and long term goals, which you will be able to achieve. They can also help with your specific goals, for example, training for some beauty pageant.
4. They will also help you in improving your overall well-being. They will discuss with you, about your about stress as it's going to impact your energy while you are working out. Therefore, they also serve as unofficial therapists.
5. One of the most important pros is that they will prepare an exclusive fitness regime just for you, according to your goals and physical strength.

Cons of hiring a personal trainer

1. It's expensive. On average, they charge a minimum $35 per half an hour session.
2. Food plays a vital role in achieving one's fitness goal, so a personal trainer cannot suggest you unless he has certified qualification in nutrition.

A personal trainer is a fitness coach, nutrition guide, and also a motivator.

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