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How can chiropractic care give you relief from your back pain?

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Back pain can be bothersome for your overall well-being. That's why people approach a doctor when they suffer from one. Even studies indicate that 85% of people visit a physician at least once in their life due to an intolerable aching back. Despite being so common, the surprising part is that often there is no definite reason to point out why it occurred. You cannot expect unanimous agreement when it comes to identifying the best treatment for it. Hence, you can get different bits of advice from various medical practitioners. As far as the standard procedure goes, it includes rest, exercises, hot or cold compress, pain relief medications, and time to heal.

In recent times, doctors have started suggesting chiropractic care to their patients. But there is still some amount of confusion around its effectiveness, which leads to several questions in everyone's mind. For example, nobody tells you whether you should go for routine chiropractic treatment as primary care. Should you go for it after other treatments fail to produce impact? Can it work best for some people compared to others?

According to estimates, the US loses nearly $200 billion annually due to low back pain, which is also one of the significant sources of disability among people across the globe. It includes the expenses relating to medical care and absence from work. Since there is no specific medication for this kind of body pain, finding a useful and safe medical procedure becomes utmost necessary. One of the surveys in the JAMA Network Open revealed that participants in chiropractic care experienced several benefits, including:

Drop in the intensity of the pain
Less reliance on medication
Greater satisfaction
Better mobility and functionality

Most of the people did not receive any side-effects from the treatment. Although there is still a shortage of assertive views on this, you can consult a licensed chiropractor once to understand how it can improve your condition.

Chiropractic treatment for back pain

A misaligned spine can lead to various types of problems in the body, such as difficulty in movements, weak nerves, pain, etc. To correct this issue, chiropractors make spinal adjustments through tools or manually. The techniques can vastly vary. But you can experience less pain than before in your back and neck regions.
Additionally, your muscles can become stronger, your mobility can increase, and the pressure from your spine can soon fade away. While undergoing this therapy, your dependency on pain killers can come down, and your injuries can also quickly heal. All this a specialist can achieve for you by applying several techniques mentioned below.

Manipulation of the spinal cord

Spine adjustment is the standard practice when it comes to chiropractic care for back pain. Also referred to as spinal manipulative therapy, the doctors use this technique to align your spine and nearby muscles through the application of controlled pressure on the affected joints. Joints can lose their smooth mobility due to tissue injury caused by trauma, for example – a fall, heavy lifting, continuous exertion because of maintaining the same and uncomfortable body posture for a long time. To treat your pain, the expert can use his or her hands or special equipment.

The spinal mobilization procedure can consist of different types of methods, including muscle energy, table adjustments, direct thrust, etc.

Muscle energy: It involves participation from patients also, where they have to pull themselves away from the chiropractor in the opposite direction. It helps in improving motion.

Drop table adjustments: A chiropractor gently adjusts particular parts of spines on the unique table. Some portions of the table go up and down under the body for treating the affected spinal area. Pregnant women and patients who underwent surgeries can also benefit from this therapy, finding relief from pain in pelvic and lower back regions particularly.

Direct thrust: As the name suggests, in this technique, a chiropractic practitioner applies direct force on the affected part. He uses his hands in short, rapid movements to align the vertebrae. It is probably one of the oldest chiropractic methods for back pain treatment.

Physical therapy

Some chiropractors also provide physical therapy as a part of the treatment to help patients build stomach muscle, back, and core strengths. It helps them to maintain their spinal health in good shape after reverting it to the right alignment.


Many times the chiropractors also offer massage in combination with spinal adjustments. It can be of two types, such as trigger point massage, and active release technique (ATR). In ATR, the development of scar tissue in the muscles gets checked so that it doesn't impede a patient's mobility by obstructing the path. The trigger point technique is also not very distinct from ATR. It works on the muscle knots that form due to wear and tear and lead to a painful condition in the back.

Chiropractic tools

As touched upon earlier, chiropractors employ a variety of equipment to treat their patients depending on their health requirements. These can include heat lamps, roller tables, traction tables, impulse adjuster, etc. Heat lamps often come in handy when a specialist has to deal with stiff muscles.

A large number of American populations faces lower back pain problem because of spending extended hours of screen time hunched over. It is one of the leading causes of lower back pain. There can be other underlying factors also. But if it is impacting your healthy life and work, then you should get it checked from a specialist in this field. In Miami, you can search for affordable services if you fear that treatment expenses could be higher.

One of the places where you can get help in this area is at affordablechiropractormiami.com. The licensed chiropractic practitioners may examine your body along with suggesting a few tests. It helps them to understand the deep-seated problems that may be the actual reason behind your discomfort in the back. Once diagnosed, they can advise on the recovery path and treatment plans. Accordingly, the doctor will tell you how many times you would need to visit the clinic.

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