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Coffee pods and coffee capsules – The marks of differentiation

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The quality of the end-product coffee depends on the process of brewing and whether you use coffee pod or coffee capsules.  Coffee pods and coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso are distinctly different even though people often use the terms interchangeably and even come companies market it as if these are one and the same.  To understand the difference between coffee pods and coffee beans, you must go back to the basics of coffee grind. 

Coffee grind types

Whole coffee beans (Roasted) - All types of coffee that you find in the market originate from coffee beans. The two green coffee beans inside the plucked coffee cherries go through roasting to produce whole coffee beans. The roasted coffee beans are ready for marketing.

Ground coffee - After roasting the green coffee beans convert into two hardened and dark roasted beans obtained from a single cherry. Next comes the stage of converting the roasted coffee beans into any of the three variants of ground coffee -  first comes the very, very finely ground Espresso grind, next is the grind of medium coarseness that constitutes filter coffee and lastly the coarse grind having a rough and heavy texture.

Instant coffee – This type of coffee goes through all the stages mentioned above and then converted into coffee by adding water and brewing the grind. The coffee obtained is then evaporated either by spray drying for obtaining medium quality but coarser instant coffee or by freeze-drying that produces a higher quality and hardy instant coffee. 

Although both coffee pods and coffee capsules contain coffee grind for coffee, making you must know the situations to use it to get the right kind of coffee that you desire.

Coffee pods

Imagine a tea bag containing coffee, and it will be easy to understand the concept of coffee pods. Unlike tea bags that are rectangular, coffee pods are round-shaped that contain coffee grind. But you cannot make out from outside the kind of coffee that is inside unless you open up the pods. Usually, coffee pods contain fine ground known as Espresso grind that is widely used. Rarely, you will find instant coffee inside coffee pods because the elements used in making coffee pods adversely affect the taste and flavor of the end product.  The coffee produced from coffee pods has a distinctly different taste from coffee made from fresh coffee beans, but surely its quality is much superior to what you get from the three grind types mentioned earlier.

Coffee capsules

Coffee capsules contain ground coffee inside, and the capsules are compatible for use in various types of coffee machines. Coffee capsules can be either part of an open system or closed system. Open systems allow the use of the capsules in different types of machines whereas closed systems use capsules exclusively for some dedicated machines without any interchangeability. Coffee capsules are the most widely used and can contain an array of products and not ground coffee only.
Coffee capsules can withstand the high pressure of coffee machines, and if you are using any such machine, then you cannot think about using coffee pods.

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