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5 Cheap Self Care Tips for College Students

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Life as a college student can be overwhelming as you try to balance school work and social life. A normal day for a student involves going to class, visiting the library, and taking part in group discussions.


If a student fails to plan his or her time accordingly, the student can miss on social life activities such as spending time with friends and family. A student can also fail to take care of self-resulting in other complications such as stress and unhealthy lifestyle.

To avoid the stress that comes with college life, most students are choosing online class help as well. That can give you some room to breathe but ensure you have chosen a good company to help you with that and once you are free and have more time to read, go through the course on your own.

Taking classes online allows students to have a better balance between college work and life. However, irrespective of how stressing and tasking the college life is, a student should never let the duties, responsibilities, and tasks get in the way of taking care of themselves.

Self-care is an imperative aspect of stress management. A student life when it comes to studies and exams can be physically and emotionally draining, putting the student at risk of being unable to handle stress. A student is more likely to handle life stress when he or she is feeling at his or her best emotionally and physically.

The benefits of self-care are many but some of the reasons why a student should always practice self-care include the relaxation benefit. Although self-care is not held in the same regard as exercises and healthy diet when it comes to overall health, the relaxation you get from self-care can prevent stress, which is a leading cause of many conditions.

Self-care can also lead to positive emotional health. Having a well-cared-for body will make you feel good about yourself resulting in higher self-esteem. Some of the self-care strategies you can embrace at a small fee or at no cost at all to improve your health and life include:

1. Create a meditation zone

Meditation is a wonderful relaxation tool. In addition to helping you relax, meditation can also help you develop a more positive attitude. Furthermore, people who practice meditation for long are less likely to suffer from stress. To start meditation, you should first create a dedicated zone for meditation. If you have a whole room, you should consider transforming it into an exclusive meditation zone.

However, if like most students you only have one room, you only need to pick a spot where you will be meditating and customize it with things and objects that make you feel calm. You should begin with about 15 minutes. If you find yourself getting distracted, you should consider using a meditation app.

2. Embrace Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a state that lets you be in the current moment preventing you from being drifted to other thoughts without changing your routine activities. Mindfulness lets you practice being in the present moment without being judgmental.

 It also lets you develop a sense of curiosity to what people notice on a daily basis. When done properly, mindfulness can help you recharge your mental, emotional and physical strength especially if you are being overwhelmed by life.

A simple way to do it is to start noticing the breath even as the mind becomes distracted by emotions, thoughts, and sensations. The good thing about mindfulness is that it can be applied to virtually anything from eating to walking, drinking, and even washing dishes.

3. Create a daily gratitude list

Studies have shown that writing things one is grateful for every day helps to increase the sense of happiness. It also helps an individual realize that despite everything he or she is going through, there is always a reason to be grateful. When starting, you should start with small things like being able to feel the sun warmness on the face or even being able to take a deep breath easily.

You can write things that make you happy on a piece of paper and put them on a happy jar. When you need inspiration, you should pick one paper and enjoy doing what it says.

4. Customize your room

You can choose to decorate your walls with photos of places that make you happy such as your favorite vacation spots. When you are stressed, you should look at the photo and live in the moment. You can also collect rocks and repurpose them as your source of inspiration. The rocks should act as your guide on the state you should try to achieve every day.

5. Laugh more frequently

You can start by watching laughter yoga videos. Studies have shown that the brain does not recognize the laughter as fake or real, which means that even if you are faking laughter, you will enjoy the benefits of real laughter.

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